Advanced Google Analytics Academy Certification

Advanced Google Analytics Academy Certification

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Advanced Google Analytics

Advanced Google Analytics Certification

I am thankful to renew my Advanced Google Analytics Certification every year. Keeping current with online trends begins (and typically ends) with Google. Google provides an in-depth certification program that challenges to adapt my SEO methods.

Every year I complete the advanced Google Analytics Certification program with three core values.

  1. I learn something new.
  2. I gain a deeper understanding.
  3. I have new opportunities for my clients.

2017 is a superb time for Google Ad Campaign

Google Analytics new measurement plans can make your Google Ads more effective. With new tracking codes that can connect you with returning customers. Or, reach out to customers on other networks.

Create Meaningful Google Ads Campaigns

  • Text Ads on Search Engine results.
  • Banner Ads on other websites.
  • Social Media Campaign.
  • Email Campaign.
  • Or, a mix of the above.

I can establish your core keywords to begin your Google Ad Campaign. Know which keywords are worth pursuing before running your Google Ads.

I find better keywords that generate more solid leads.

What is the best process for successful Conversion Rates?

The first step to a successful ad campaign is to set a business goal. Each ad campaign should have a simple action and outcome. For each website visitor, the goal may be different. For the same site visitor, the goal may change each time they visit the store.

I begin with the basic Google Ad formula.

Business Goal = Action = Conversion

Google Ad Dynamic Remarketing

Have us create your Google Ad Dynamic Remarketing Campaign to ensure your ad populates with the people who are interested in your brand, product, or service.

With Google Ads Dynamic Remarketing Tracking Code added to your website you can target the next visitors. So you can re-connect with people based on what they showed an interest in before.

  • The visitor that left before completing their purchase.
  • People who viewed your homepage.
  • Individuals who browsed your product pages.
  • A web visitor who reviewed a product.
  • A person who used a search result to access your website.
  • A previous customer.
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