Why update to Dreamweaver CS5

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 – 4 New Features for CMS Development that you can not do without.

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5

With the release of Dreamweaver CS5, Adobe has addressed many of the difficult aspects of designing and developing for Content Management Systems by including the following four new features:

  1. Live Preview (no browser)
  2. File Relationship (filters)
  3. Live Code
  4. Code Hints (specific)

I do have to omit that I am a big fan of Dreamweaver, since the 1997 release, I have found the software to be easy to use and reliable. Other than a few interface changes, and improvements with software stability and workflow, Dreamweaver has not changed much over the years. While deploying internet content has completely changed.

Many web designers/developers have found their roles disappear as clients move toward popular and dependable user controlled content management systems and Social Network sites.

WordPress, Joomla and Drupal offer solid, steady framework web sites that integrate User Privileges, Social Networking, Blog Posting, Google Webmaster Tools, Shopping Carts, CSS capabilities and successful SEO integration. While Social Networking web sites like Facebook and Twitter provides cost effective communication tools.

Clients can now easily post/share content, create advanced online galleries, upload video and deploy endless amounts of content without any help from a web designer or developer. The only noticeable difference by removing the developer and designer is that the web sites look the same, which is generally clean, uninteresting and dull.

For advanced web developers who already had a familiarity with FTP servers transfers, Local Hosting, CSS, PHP, HTML, JavaScript and function based commands, then using Dreamweaver still remained a strong web development tool within their web developers arsenal.

For the advanced web designer, adapting to CMS Framework web sites was more difficult, if almost impossible.

CMS (Content Management Web sites) are dynamic web sites that populate content during runtime, meaning that web site content is generating in real-time for a particular user or request. Unlike static web sites that present the same content to all users, CMS produce content based on the assigned role for a specific user. For a web site like Amazon identifying and producing relatable content to the user is an essential component to their success. However, beyond deploying independent content, the sidebar, header, footer and pages can be adapted to coincide with user permissions.

The problem that many web designers have had for the past five years, is that the resulting web site is difficult or impossible to see and complex to update in Dreamweaver.

With the release of Adobe Creative Suite – Dreamweaver (CS5) the role of the developer and design is back. With new integrated CMS Framework tools, developers/designers can test and author WordPress, Joomla or Drupal web sites all within the Adobe Dreamweaver environment.  With the Dreamweaver interface now having the ability to view and edit CMS Framework in real time.

Live Preview (no browser)

All users to Dreamweaver will instantly enjoy the new Live Preview feature. No more having to press F12 to view your webpage in an external browser, and no more of those aggravating activate now warning generated by Internet Explorer 8.   With Live Preview you have a real time preview of your web site right in Dreamweaver, with the extra bonus of being able to preview your content via any popular browser.

Live Preview works by creating a private proxy web site on the Adobe server and relayed back to the Dreamweaver interface.  Giving designers and developers a precise picture of how the web site will appear to your site visitors, making Live Preview feature a huge timesaver.

Adobe BrowserLab > Give access to Domain

File Relationship with filters

There are two very useful aspects to File Relationships with Filters. That can possibly reduce hours if not days from their workflow. From first file relationship aspect, gives you the big picture, the filtering ability provides the results to have access to precise functions or tools included deep within your web site.

Understanding how dynamic web site deploys content can be difficult enough to comprehend, but locating the correct line of code that controls the exact function, format or purpose of the content can be the quintessential needle in a haystack.

Forget about spending hours searching PHP, HTML, CSS, XML and JavaScript documents that content thousands of lines of valuable functional code. Dreamweaver CS5 expands on the build-in file relationship feature by including all files used in any capacity in that particular page. With earlier releases of Dreamweaver that included the file relationship tab, active pages no longer have to be include as local files. Dreamweaver will actually scan the server and compile the relationship based on the live active files, rather than the local copy of files residing on the computer hard drive.

One element that I think developers and designers will really appreciate is being able to see how different PHP, CSS and JavaScript documents relate to one another when used to create dynamic content. A basic WordPress page might use many different elements that share hundreds of live file relationships, making the active live File Relationship panel a little overwhelming. Dreamweaver developers have considered how vast source files can become and have included a clever filter feature. Making it easy and quick for developer or designer to access and edit any aspects of a web site.

Having the filter gives you the ability to search the web site for a particular feature; Header, footer, sidebar or DIV tag – and only show file relate files that include the particular element included for the search.


The LiveView is doing to dynamic web site, what Dreamweaver did ten years ago for static web pages. LiveView provides the developer/designer the ability to browse throughout the web site without leaving Dreamweaver. All of the web site functions are active in the preview – however, the big difference is now any component is editable within Dreamweaver, and fast to access. Simply click the item you need to alter and the corresponding line of code that controls the item will be presented and editable.

For the ultimate experience, combine LiveView with Live Preview.

Code Hints (specific)

New Code Hints Specific is that missing tool for CMS developers.

Writing code in Notepad is not a productive method for generating code. To be a productive web developer or designer it is important to become accustomed with viewing, editing and publishing code within the Dreamweaver environment.

Dreamweaver Code Hints is a fast method for writing clean, good and functional code. Dreamweaver has included code hint as a feature as far back as I recall. Early versions of Dreamweaver had code bloating problems that was later resolved to create a coding platform that produces web standard clean precise code. That is color coded and formatted for easy proofing and trouble shooting.

Building content and writing code of a content management system is different for each platform. For many developers it is easier to select one platform and only develop for that CMS. Dreamweaver is breaking that habit, by giving developers / programmers the ability to write CMS specific code based on the particular CMS updated, with Code Hints relating only to that one specific CMS.

Top Menu Bar: Site > Site-Specific Code Hints

Currently Dreamweaver has build in presets for Joomla, Drupal and WordPress and any Custom Framework or custom set of class that are used on any dynamitic web site.  The best part about the Code Hint feature is when used on a custom web site (not one of the top three), Dreamweaver will actually scan the entire server, locating all the web site functions, variables, CSS, HTML and PHP creating a code hint based upon those source files.  Now you can certainly brag about that Dreamweaver tool.

Other Dreamweaver and WordPress Resources

Adobe Blog – http://cs5.org/?p=1373

Article written by Irish Guy – Gary Crossey


Rexona Crystal Brand Website Design

International Logo Design Getting to refine to the Unilever International Management Training Website was an excellent project of coding tricky.

The Rexona Crystal Training Website is a stellar example of ActionScript showmanship at it’s finest.  Inspired by Superman, and his Crystal home. The website was not built for the public – but rather was a special training tool – most used accessed the data via a DVD and private online network. Given the controlled environment for deployment – we were able to deliver media rich content to the viewers in a way that a conventional could not be trusted to do.

While it is not possible to share the website content – it is fair to say that much of the content was solid information of compounding data. Creating a visual environment that could transfer the data-heavy content into an engaging training opportunity.

Web Design Asheville IrishGuy Graphics

Read More

Asheville College 100 Classes Taught

Classes developed and taught by Gary Crossey

Adobe Creative Suite – What’s New?

Keep up to date with all of Adobe’s best practices, software updates and improved workflows with the Adobe Creative Session – What’s New workshops.

With a different focus each week, join Gary Crossey (Asheville Adobe User Group) Join Gary Crossey (Asheville Adobe User Group) as he explores the Creative Suite. Lesson include real-world projects that include graphic design, web design and development, video and audio editing and special effects, as well as the best practices for deploying content via the internet, print or social networking.

Fun, face paced class for new or experienced Adobe user who is interested in discovering what’s new with Adobe.

  • Adobe Create Suite – Introduction 5/4/2010
  • Adobe Create Suite – Introduction 8/14/2009
  • Adobe Create Suite – Introduction 1/10/2009
  • Adobe Create Suite – Introduction 10/18/2008
  • Adobe Create Suite – Introduction 1/23/2008
Date Class Title
10/1/2010 Adobe Dreamweaver – Advanced
1/25/2010 Adobe Dreamweaver – Beginning
9/17/2010 Adobe Dreamweaver – Intermediate
2/8/2010 Adobe Dreamweaver – Intermediate
9/30/2010 Adobe Dreamweaver – Intermediate
10/6/2009 Adobe Dreamweaver – Intro
11/9/2009 Adobe Dreamweaver – Introduction
10/7/2010 Adobe Illustrator – Beginning
9/24/2010 Adobe Illustrator – Beginning
10/29/2010 Adobe Illustrator – Intermediate
2/12/2010 Adobe Illustrator – Intermediate
3/28/2009 Adobe Illustrator – Introduction
3/15/2008 Adobe Illustrator – Introduction
7/12/2010 Adobe InDesign – Advanced
10/30/2009 Adobe InDesign – Advanced
6/6/2009 Adobe InDesign – Advanced
3/26/2009 Adobe InDesign – Advanced
5/17/2010 Adobe InDesign – Beginning
1/22/2010 Adobe InDesign – Beginning
6/4/2010 Adobe InDesign – Intermediate
5/23/2009 Adobe InDesign – Intermediate
3/19/2009 Adobe InDesign – Intermediate
10/13/2009 Adobe InDesign – Introduction
8/11/2009 Adobe InDesign – Introduction
5/9/2009 Adobe InDesign – Introduction
3/12/2009 Adobe InDesign – Introduction
2/26/2009 Adobe InDesign – Introduction
11/7/2008 Adobe InDesign – Introduction
6/7/2008 Adobe InDesign – Introduction
10/20/2009 Adobe InDesign – Introduction
6/12/2009 Adobe InDesign – Masters
11/6/2009 Adobe InDesign – Masters
7/15/2010 Adobe Photoshop – Advanced
9/26/2009 Adobe Photoshop – Advanced
10/21/2010 Adobe Photoshop – Beginning
10/27/2010 Adobe Photoshop – Beginning
5/24/2010 Adobe Photoshop – Beginning
1/29/2010 Adobe Photoshop – Beginning
6/7/2010 Adobe Photoshop – Intermediate
9/19/2009 Adobe Photoshop – Intermediate
9/5/2009 Adobe Photoshop – Intermediate
5/22/2009 Adobe Photoshop – Intermediate
2/20/2009 Adobe Photoshop – Intermediate
11/14/2008 Adobe Photoshop – Intermediate
3/14/2008 Adobe Photoshop – Intermediate
9/5/2009 Adobe Photoshop – Introduction
5/15/2009 Adobe Photoshop – Introduction
1/9/2009 Adobe Photoshop – Introduction
4/18/2008 Adobe Photoshop – Introduction
2/15/2008 Adobe Photoshop – Introduction
5/3/2010 Adobe Photoshop – Time Saving Tips and Tricks
5/31/2008 Adobe Photoshop Elements – Intermediate
4/20/2010 Computers for the Beginner
6/20/2009 Digital Photography / Portfolio
1/11/2010 DME 120 N1
1/14/2008 DME 140
1/12/2009 DME 260 D1
1/12/2009 DME 260 N1
1/12/2009 DME 285 D1
5/19/2009 Excel 2007 – Introduction
10/14/2010 Facebook for Business
1/19/2010 Facebook for Business
5/28/2010 Facebook for Business
4/22/2010 Facebook for Business
10/21/2009 Get the most out of Facebook
9/10/2009 Get the most out of Facebook
8/6/2009 Get the most out of Facebook
9/30/2010 Get your business online
7/16/2010 Get your business online
3/20/2010 Get your business online
9/17/2010 Get your business online
4/10/2010 Quickbooks Pro – Introduction
10/3/2009 Quickbooks Pro – Introduction
6/16/2009 Quickbooks Pro – Introduction
2/1/2008 SEF30017443400
2/25/2010 SEO / Business Website Engine Rankings
8/18/2009 Social Network Sites
10/8/2009 Using CSS for Web Design
1/14/2008 WEB 120
1/14/2008 WEB 120 D1
1/14/2008 WEB 140
5/21/2008 WEB 210 D1
5/21/2008 WEB 210 N1
3/27/2009 Web ActionScript – Projects
5/16/2008 Web Animation Flash – Intermediate
3/8/2008 Web Animation Flash – Intermediate
6/5/2009 Web Animation Flash – Introduction
3/20/2009 Web Animation Flash – Introduction
2/7/2009 Web Animation Flash – Introduction
3/7/2008 Web Animation Flash – Introduction
2/9/2008 Web Animation Flash – Introduction
10/15/2009 Website Marketing and Search Engine Optimization
6/24/2010 Word – Introduction
10/31/2009 WordPress
10/23/2010 WordPress Introduction

GRAPHICS: Asheville Adobe User Group

Creating the branding for the launch of the Asheville Adobe User Group. The project inspiration began in the photo studio with the colorful paperclips. The paperclips were playful and colorful to work with, granted a few of the "To Do" tasks had to be flipped around in Adobe Photoshop - can you figure out which paperclip tag was altered?

Over time the purpose of the website header banner changed, here are four different designs that were published.

Keeping with the same bright, cheerful color palette, I created an array of website banner ads for the launch of the Asheville Adobe User Group, and the Facebook Business profile graphic for the Asheville Adobe User Facebook page.

Link Share – Earn Money with Reflective Links

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Including affiliate banners on your web site can be a potential way for your web site to earn money. Understanding basic HTML will make the task of including banner ads to your web site easier. Most affiliate programs will generate the banner ad code that you need and the instructions on how to embed the code into your web page or website template.

What is included in the code?

The affiliate code is a basic hyperlink to the affiliate web site, included within the code is a dynamic link to an advertising graphic, the alternate text and the affiliate account number.

Banner Consideration

Each time a person clicks on an affiliate banner, the affiliate web site will begin tracking the customers’ purchases. Affiliate banner ad programs normally pay a commission of the final sale.
LinkShare - earn money with banner ads
When selecting banner ads, be sure to choice products or services, that you think people may benefit from. Try to have the ad relate to your blog or web page content.

Think about how you wish your banner ads to appear with your content. Often, people add so many banners to their web site that the end user is confused on what to read or click. Really, think about the usefulness of the advertisement, as well as the prime location required to run the advertisement. For most web site owners, having our visitors interacting with their content is an important aspect of “their end-user experience”. When our web site visitor clicks on our banner advertisements – they are normally leaving your web site (never to return).

I try to use advertisements to provide my web site visitor with a resource to obtain a product or service I have reviewed. So that the end users have a similar experience with content, even bad reviews have external hyperlink to purchase products or services. Our job is not to lose focus of our own web site, but to enhance the experience by providing resources that are beyond the scope of your website or professional services.

Most popular web sites do offer a wide range of different affiliate programs that require the web site owner to complete a short application.

Not all affiliate program applications that you apply for will be approved. Most major brands are very “picky” about where their product or brand can appear. Be sure to have a completed web site prior to applying for affiliate programs, as most major brands will review your web site content for reflective to their product line or service. If the content is badly presented or unrelated, the affiliate program application will be denied.

Keeping track of your affiliate programs can be difficult – joining a reputable link farm can be an effective way to streamline your affiliate program efforts.

VIDEO: Lust in Space

Animation by Gary Crossey (aka IrishGuy)

Lust in Space

Animation by Gary CrosseyLust in Space an animation project for Club NV, Atlanta.

I created the female character in 3D with a cartoon rendering. Visual effects were created using ActionScript and rendered via code rather than being a timeline based animation. The same character appears in a Quality Forward public announcement.


Website Design DJ

Asheville Website Design.

Web Design Sample Asheville DJ

Creating the brand, motion graphics and one-page website for the DJ iGuy project was a fun coding project. I created the website using advanced HTML 5 and CSS positioning. CSS can move the content around the screen. Unlike other one-page, that can either go up and down or right to left.

Watch the Website Motion Graphics.

Building sites in Dreamweaver with advanced coding is an excellent showcase – not ideal for updating. The DJ iGuy website could move in four directions – up, down, right, or left. The HTML 5 sites are ideal for static web content. Or for a small website that does not have to be often updated.

Animated GIF

One Page Website Design for Asheville Design

Other Graphic Design Projects for djiguy.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Product Photography

Asheville Local Business Photography

For many years Ny Native Ireland was a popular business in downtown Asheville. Over many of those years I got to work on a wide range of projects for the Asheville Business.

Beginning with photographing many of the popular product lines. I went to the store and shoot the images on location. For special, or difficult items to capture, I would take those to my Asheville photo studio.

Here is a small collection of the Asheville store product photography.

Apple ad swings at Windows 7

Apple Ad

New Apple Ads – Be sure to check out the article posted on ZDnet.

Working & Teaching on both a Mac and PC (XP and Vista)  – with good and bad happening on either platform. I would appreciate Apple getting back on focus by marketing it’s own OS. 

The iPOD ads are beautifully created, with a strong message of unity, oneness and a company who cares. Bringing in GREEN issues into their marketing has enforced that Apple are an honest company that cares. Granted the PC ads are funny, but as consumers can we really buy into “funny, creative and green” as coming all from the same vein?

As a consumer of both platforms, I would benefit from Apple taking the time to inform me about their OS with the same upbeat cheer their do with all of their other product lines. The first run of PC “stupid” ads were incredibly hilarious, to which Microsoft responded with some really well crafted television commercials that rebranded the PC user, without any attack toward Apple.

Do we need a replay of Coke and Pepsi? I don’t think so. Come on Apple do better next time… we already love your shiny silver boxes – shiny things! That’s all it thats.

DIRECT MAIL Postcard House Showing

Direct Mail Postcard Invite
This guy not only built his own house. But, when it came to selling. He had an awesome house showing. I began by photographying the house in Asheville: I spent an hour photographing different views of the house.

Interesting Design Aspects

The home had many interesting design aspects that the client wanted to include on the postcard.
Direct Mail Marketing with Large Format Postcard

PBL’s National Awards Competition

phi-logoIrish Guy Productions is proud to announce that Gary Crossey returned for the second year as a judge for the Competitive Events Series of the National Awards Program. PBL’s National Awards Program recognizes and rewards excellence in a broad range of business and career-related areas. Through state-based competition, students compete in events testing their business knowledge and skills. State winners compete for honors at the National Leadership Conference. Gary Crossey adjudicated two sections that included Digital Video Production and E-Business.

For the Digital Video Production contestants were required to produce a 4-minute informational video spot for high-school graduates about pursuing a career as an educator.

For the second topic, Gary Crossey reviewed and assessed the E-Business Web Site Development submissions. Students were responsible for designing and developing a user friendly E-commerce web site that was cross-platform compatible, while adhering to web standards, accessibility and semantic guidelines.

Changing Face of the Internet

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Is Your Business Ready This Time?


More than ten years ago, we witnessed the rise and fall of the “dot com” bubble. Experienced internet developers consider the failure to launch online commerce successfully was mostly due to a general misconception of what role the World Wide Web (www) would play and to what capacity.

Developers talked about improving commutations and business transactions by building virtual environments that an internet user would access via personal home computers. A major problem that many early internet developers experienced from the launch of the internet; people were (for many different reasons) slow to connect and slower to contribute to online content than developers and investors expected.


Ten years later, the internet story reads in reverse. This time around we have savvy online users who are accessing the internet regularly, with a higher activity rate for users accessing the internet using Hand-held devices than users accessing via a personal computer or laptop.

Helpful Digital Spirit Level

Different types of spirit levels are used by carpenters, stone masons, bricklayers, trades workers, surveyors, millwrights and serious videographers.

iPOD Music Maker

Kids by MGMT played on iPhones and iPod Touches

Figures for 2008 saw a 249% increase of Internet users from the UK accessing and contributing to online content with user friendly handheld devices. The increase in cell phone usage online has been predicable for several years, with the sale of desktop computers and laptop computers vastly declining. Many online users are effectively  shopping and banking online, accessing en-route trip advisory, watching and transferring large media rich content, chatting, tweetering, and engaged in online Social Networking all from their handheld device.

Recent research in New York determined that many online users no longer owe a computer and prefer the portability and accessibly a hand-held-device affords them.

Email Usage on the Decline


Delivered the astonishing  report that email usage is quickly being surpassed by social network sites. As online users alter their current method for keeping in touch with family and friends.

Many Social Network sites have one thing in common, they are user friendly. Offering easy-to-use interfaces and a growing community of friends who are willing to train each other about new applications and how to best utilize them.

With an increasing array of useful applications available on the internet for tasks that many computer users will find pointless, but hand-held device users will use, share and talk about.

Before, we were teaching new web users about possibilities of the internet and the different online time-saving applications available.

Today online users are teaching us about what they want to do online.

According to a recent Nielsen report, 1 out of every 6 minutes spent online can be accounted for by Social Networking web sites. Our online communities absolutely do existence, with many members being active online users and contributors. If for no other reason, Social Network sites are demonstrating that people are engaged in NEW emerging online technologies, with most basic interactions being quite intuitive without superfluous instruction.

Impact of Social NetworkingOver the past ten years our main objective as Web Designers and Developers has been to drive online users to our respective web sites. Today, the digital landscape has altered, with 67% of all online usage being consumed by Social Networking sites, leaving a mere 33% of online usage for research, banking and e-commence.

Remaining Valuable

To remain a valuable part of the new online landscape, online entities have to be more apparent than before. New important content needs to fuel your web site. Interesting precise informative is key. Creating articles, reports and updates that will keep your site visitors informed and connected.

The old objective of driving end-users to our web site is of little benefit in today’s online environment – today we bring our latest news to our target market by establishing ourselves, our companies, our institutions as creditable resources online by being presence with 67% of the active online community.

My old site doesn’t connect with Social Networking web sites

If your web site does not support or at least integrate with the leading social networking sites, then you may as well simply pull the plug and save the money for end-of-year staff party.

The internet has a history. By comparing old online trends with new online trends, we honestly know that having a basic/simple web site online was never enough. Even if your objective was to share business contact information – you are a fool to waste your money on a web site. Google Business will effectively list your business online for free, with contact information, hours of business, directions, product shoots and video, plus the ability to have customer reviews. Businesses listed with Google Business are completely searchable and effective tools to share business contact information, while helping put a stop to online pollution from business web sites that have ineffective content, that is written badly, makes no sense or is completely unrelated to the end users search query.


With a NEW exciting wave of social networking, online businesses are required to reevaluate their current online position and make the necessary changes to keep in-line with your respective target markets. Failure to keep up to date will result in the loss of your entire online target market. However, most online businesses already are aware of disappointing results when they review their diminishing fiscal returns.

Written by: Gary Crossey. Published by: Irish Guy Productions – April 2009

What is WordPress?

Irish Guy Productions have spent the past year reviewing and working with a variety of different Content Management System (CMS) – many of you have seen the active results right here on our website – with quite a mixture of good and bad results.

We have finally rested upon WordPress as our web tool. Compared to other similar online applications WordPress has an array of plug-ins, themes and customization capabilities that makes working with WordPress effective… but certainly not without its own challenges and innate problems.

wordpress_iconOut of the box, WordPress is a basic blog website. Adapting WordPress to function as a CMS is a completely different situation.

Irish Guy Productions utilize WordPress as the sturdy foundation to build a powerful online application driven website that can easily integrate into the most popular social network websites, be completely optimized for high-performance SEO ranking, create automatic back-ups, authorize membership levels and responsibilities, conduct newsletter campaigns and subscription statistics, track online visitors, and yes also accessible for real-time updates with users access available from any computer or hand-held device that has an Internet connection – without additional software or expense.

Published: April 2 2009


GRAPHIC: PRINT AD – Asheville Pride

Newspaper Ad - Ran in Mountain Xpress Asheville, and other local publications. Recto Rocks!

Print Ads – Asheville

An experienced graphic designer understands that at times there are limitations. In the print world you have to be aware of ink, paper, printer experience, and maintaining readability.

For Enter the Earth Asheville, I created a template approach to their ads - as the information would change slightly between ads. The owner also like to create instant handouts - I created a 4up black and white ad that he could take to FedEx and make hundreds of copies for a low cost. Using this method allowed the owner to customize his message for each trade show, while waiting to print on-demand would reduce the overall printing costs.

Animation: Stone Pawn


Working with 3D models

Working on these 3D moving Chess characters was a real treat. The figures were created using Poser. I used Adobe Photoshop to contribute to creating the complex texture maps that make up the stone and metal of the characters and the chrome base.

Increments of time

I found that creating a displacement map on the figure increased the stone texture. High Contrast 3D lighting provided the warm tones.

Stills of 3D Characters

3D Figured created by Gary Crossey 3d-figure-gary-crossey

Video Shorts

Test footage of Chess Pew Movement.

Test Footage on how the character would move across the board.

GRAPHIC: Business Card Design

Business Card Designs

Oh the days of business cards. These little paper notices that sought your attention. The business card doesn’t play the same role that it used to. Today ranking number 1 for your search term will generate more customers.

Google Ranking impacts the Business Card

Since IrishGuyProductions began to rank number 1 for the search term “Irish Guy” – we found less of a need for paper business cards. But in keeping true to our brand our Business Card has a clean, precise design. With rich reds and hot pinks that balance with the stark  white. The front of the business card was a high gloss, while the back has a smooth matt contrast.

* Brian Jones worked on some of the business cards featured.



Asheville Business Card Design

Business Card Design Asheville


The Irish Guy Production business card was one of those perfect print jobs. The business card is bright and cheerful. With crisp colors and bright white.

Printing your Business Card

Use a printer you trust. The most expensive print job is not always the best. Arrive at your printer, as their customer with a design that is not difficult to print. Present the printer with a plan that can make you both shine.

The Business Card Design

There was a time (not so very long ago) that business cards held a very active role in business and networking. Today, the role of the business card has lessened – while maintaining an efficient way to exchange contact information quickly.

Business Card Design Asheville

Designing for a Brand

Early in the design process, a robust and bold color palette for Irish Guy Productions was created, NO green!  Blue was removed during the early design submissions – as it may be perceived too masculine when paired with “Irish Guy.”

The color branding for Irish Guy Productions ranges from soft candy pink to hot pink.

Designing a business card for a brand couldn’t be easier. And, for most businesses, should be the first graphic design service you have when you can just relax. A business card project means that your business logo is done (whoo hoo!)

Creating a business card is that first project that will follow your Business Branding Rules. For those businesses or groups who have done the work to define a well-formed Brand Package – then the business card is a time to REJOICE and ENJOY your hard work. During the Business Card Graphic Design process look for design discrepancies from misinterpreting the Branding Guidelines.

Visit the Irish Guy Production – Asheville Website Design and SEO Services

PRINT: Series of Ads

Trade Show Print Ads

The print ad design kept the message simple, distinctive, and focused. Designed for people attending the trade show to easily locate booth. Many customers commented on how easy the ads were to locate in the event brochure.  

The ads began by photographing the merchandise. Once a collection of product photography was created the ads design we finalized. The ad campaign successfully ran for three years - with slight adjustments to body copy, layout, and product photography samples. 

Click thumbnail to enlarge print ad samples.

Asheville product photography for ad campaign























MOTION GRAPHICS: The Irish and how…

Video Design – Asheville

Gary Crossey Video DesignCreating the VIdeo Design for The Irish and How They Got That Way by Frank McCourt (author) was a great honor.

I shot most of the footage and photography for the production in Ireland. The video content loaded on three screens, with 172 cues.

Big show - that sold out for every run.


WEB DESIGN Portal Website

Asheville Portal Website Design

Clean and precise graphic design solution for Asheville Portal site. Showcasing and connecting the six user resources provided by the Asheville design firm. The icon graphics are Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). The SVG format is naturally a small file size. Small file sizes reduce page loading time.  This website was developed to load in under a second – on any device.

Website Design Sample Asheville Portal Site
Read More


Asheville Graphic Design Samples

Graphic design for the Asheville Public Access grand opening. That was a fun opening party. Here is a sample of one of the postcard invites that I designed for the opening. The postcard design was also redesigned into a large format poster. The poster design was quite awesome (if anyone has a copy of the poster - please forward a photo).

Prior to URTV going on the air, I headed the Branding Design team. And designed the first URTV LOGO: Asheville Wiki. I also headed the Graphic Design and Programming team for the first URTV website (I do miss the URTV flash navigation I created for the website).

Yes, Cat Williams performed opening night - what a gem for Asheville culture.

Asheville Graphic Design Sample - Postcard Invite for the opening of the Asheville Public Access TV Channel

MOTION GRAPHICS: Prides Crossing

Prides Crossing was such an interesting two act play. Watching the installation come together was amazing. Maybe that was the reason why my first week of creative production was very slow. I felt overwhelmed by the theater. Everything was too grand, and organized. I was the tech guy, and my office was in the middle of the oldest opera house in America. Just outside the theater there were young Amish men on horses. Lancaster was the place I had my a grilled Caesar salad - and became an instant fan.

The play was beautiful. The story was told in scene, that were each their own timeline. My job was to create the visual projection that would be used to transition begin scene, as the story skipped around different timeline. I loved the depth of time I got to design within. Granted each time slot had to be precise, but for one production I had to pull in different (precise) design elements for that time period.

The furniture on the stage was protected - making them easy enough to move off stage. The transitions were large and visual, while completely soft and gentle.

The play opened with a kaleidoscope image projected on the full height and width of the screen - a visual prelude to the story unfolds.

I will always miss Michael Mitchell (Director). Michael was such a brilliant director and I loved Michael very much.

Backdrop Designs for Video Installation

Creating graphic design that will be projected is awesome. However, you quickly discover that a little goes a long way. When designing these backgrounds - the director wanted to set the tone for the time period and placement.

On top of the backdrops were visual elements being projected on the screens and stage.

Act I -Scene 1

  • Opening to kaleidoscope
  •  Audio begins 1.30 min
  • BedroomHint of water

Transition to scene 2 :17 seconds

  • Sail boat imagery
  • Swim - Car - Swim
  • Clears the scene of images.

Transition to scene 3 :15 seconds

  • Crashing water to clear scene

 Transition to scene 4 :15 seconds

  • Slow Transition to kitchen.
  • Water crashes in to bedroom.
  • Use image to reflect the 3 chimes.

Transition to scene 5 :11 seconds

  • Start with swimming footage.
  • Calm water may extend longer

Transition to scene 6 : 21 seconds

  • Horses slowly enter either side
  • Oil painting - Wallpaper pattern
  • Bring in the elegant images
  • Horses run into sea
  • Water floods up

ACT II – Scene 1

  • Opening – Fade to Still
  • Insert a dance selection
  • Boat -Swimmer - To party dancer

Transition to Scene 2NEED TIME

  • Staircase - All men oil painting
  • Very quick snap transition

Transition to Scene 3NEED TIME

  • Purple flowers - Lily BG - Gold Frame

Transition to Scene 4 :17 seconds

  • Still moving into position 2 seconds
  •   Front Projector – Row of chairs
  • Rear Projector -

Transition to Scene 5 : 45 seconds

  • Part 1 - Church pulls back and out
  • Part 2 - Left – Flower pot

Transition to Scene 6 : 66 seconds

  • Part 1
  • Part 2 - Running to water footage 


While the format for this print ad is long and tall. It may not be the easiest format to showcase well online.
Asheville Print advertising sample by Gary Crossey (aka IrishGuy)

Asheville Print Advertising.

For most businesses print advertising is that extra word-of-mouth. While most businesses do benefit from marketing – you do have to know when and where you advertising dollar is best spent.

For the series of prints advertising designs I had to first photograph the products. Once I had the photography collection I created a base template with InDesign.

While the template did serve to reduce graphic design time – by bringing all the design assets (logo, photography, styles) together into one place. The ads were always different sizes, with different artwork, and a different list of features – which always required design considerations.

Product Photography

Shining products photography with iridescent showing that luminous different colors from direct angles.

Outside Signage

All weather signage. This is the graphic for a huge outdoor all-weather banner. The finish had a nice matt finish that stopped the sign from reflecting in the bright sun of event lights.


Outdoor signage is the graphic design task that separates mice from men. The large Enter the Earth banner was printed on a durable waterproof roll. My objective was to provide my client with signage for his traveling booth. The signage needed to show well, and travel well. I selected a rubber finish that added years to the usage of the signage.


Black and White Print Ads

Print Ads for small Asheville business. I created a large series of black and white print ads for Asheville ETE. The ads appeared in trade show mags to promote the locate of booth and update customers on current product line.

Product Photography for Print Ads

The ads include my product photography. I did the photography for ETE. Here are some of my product photography samples that were used in these print ads. Often the test of design is – does it hold up in black and white? In the case of my Asheville print ads. I designed the ads and shot product photography to stand up to being printed in black and white.

Asheville Black and White Print ads samples created by Gary Crosser

Black and White Print Ads – Simple handout. The client often needed extra hand outs at certain events. “Certain” events – meaning that upon arriving at a trade show the client would quickly discover if the trade show was busy or not. On off years trade show numbers were off. To off set the huge printing and marketing budget for my client I created a simple ad that he was able to have printed at quick print (when he needed extra hand outs). The handout does not include product photography – as I was never quite sure how the print job would be. The client was instructed to have the flyers printed onto a mix of color paper.

Asheville graphic design - black and white print ads saeries by Gary Crossey

During very busy trade shows the client always had a backup plan to get he’s marketing plan and contact information into your hand.


ANIMATION: Trapped in Time

The Tapped in Time section of Alice – The Ballet is when the White Rabbit proclaims I am Late. During the Ballet the stage was washed with digital numbers.

Asheville Animation Sample - Green Number Animation - Alice the Ballet

The Trapped In Time – midnight strikes.

Asheville Animation Sample by Gary Crossey for Alice - The Ballet

Digital Numbers

Digital Numbers created by Gary Crossey

Trapped in Time – Larger scale.
Trapped in Time - Animation by Gary Crossey

VIDEO FOOTAGE Alice – The Ballet

The trapping in time scene from Alice – The Ballet. The animation I created were broadcast across the stage. The digital numbers cover the White Rabbit. I liked the idea of using digital numbers to connect how the footage was created. Everything captured, edited, and burnt to digital format.

VIDEO: Trapped in Time


Animated Clock Hands created by Gary CrosseyWhen I began design work for Alice – The Ballet. The first visual concept that I needed to face was TIME. Alice is Wonderland certainly has many dips and turns in the storyline. While the theme of manipulating time remains constant.

Animation Clock Hands

Prior to the opening of the ballet – my clock hands were projected on the theater curtains. First as a still image on thick red velvet curtains.

A short animated GIF – of the beginning sequence.

As a digital artist I tend to have a strong visual idea in my head – and I then set about creating that image. For the Alice Ballet the hands of time I needed the clock hands to regal and strong.

The audience were greeted with the clock arms. First, as a still image of the clock. Ten minutes before the start of the show the clock hands began to move. The clock animation is used during the opening and closing of Act 1 and 2.

Time Keeps Moving – bending time is always possible when creating visuals for Alice.


Time Animation

I am such a big fans of After Effects. I am a power house junkie with After Effects. I can think of a better reason than to use After Effects for my clock animation

From the basic animation of the clock hands I was then able to expand the look, feel, texture, and tone of the animation.

Backdrop Clock Animation

The backdrop clock animation was a fun layering effect. Again playing with the visual idea of time, and the rabbit hole, and falling.

Design Elements

The metal texture of the clock is my reflection on the staircase of Lloyd Bank in London. It was a cold Sunday morning. The bright polished metal and outdoor piping all looks super cool.

My bright red winter coat and testify to how cold it was. While also creating the constant of color against the metal panels of the bank.  I refined the texture and tones in Photoshop.
Asheville Animation Sample by Gary Crossey of Irishguy

PRINT AD: Series

Asheville Print Ad for National Trade Shows

Asheville Print Ad series created for small business. While the client is local. They are a global player . They manage fragile items that they discover from around the planet.

Asheville Print Ad sample by Gary Crossey (Aka IrishGuy)

How I designed my Asheville print ad series

When I design for a print ad series.  I begin with reason and logic. It is important for me to visualize the big picture. For me to connect with the target market. And for the print ads to reach their goal.

Questions I asked before I designed my Asheville print ad series.

  • Who will see these print ads?
  • What do they need to know?
  • What are they looking for?

Asheville Print Ad sample by Gary Crossey

Asheville Print Ad Elements

While some people can claim graphic design for a print ad. That is not the case with this series of print ads. All design aspects of this project were handled by Irish Guy.

  • Logo Design – Created Brian Jones & Gary Crossey.
  • Product Photography – Gary Crossey.
  • Graphic Design for Print Ad – Gary Crossey.
  • Website Design & Development.
  • Product catalog, with online store and shopping cart.

Ground Work for Graphic Design

This project required layers of planning. Photos of the products had to first be taken. Given the reflective nature of the product line creating print quality images is difficult.  Each picture required a custom approach. The photo collection I created was quickly approved.

A series of print ads followed. To ensure print quality – I handed all of the digital files for the printer. Providing the printer whatever format best meet their needs.

The print ads ran in a national trade mag. Reprints of the ads also ran. Different versions of the ad ran – with various product line changes and feature product.

What direct the design choices for the print ad?

I did my research. I reviewed years of similar trade show mags. Their primary focus is BUSY. Overload of images – everyone is trying out do everyone else. Which is fine. As long as you use graphic design and typography principles to reach your target market.

Or limit your you curbside appeal – and pile everything into your ad.  For this series of print ads – the client wanted to set his higher quality product line apart from everyone else. Some of the lines they have global exclusive rights to.

The design focused on either one featured item. Or, a small collection of similar high quality items.

The marketing  objective of the print ads was too provide the location of the Trade Show booth. And an insight to their featured product line. Most participants of the trade show first review the trade show magazine for vector booths they want to attend. I trimmed the ads with bright memorable colors. Making the ads easy locate in the mass of other ads.

Reduce Graphic Design Costs

To reduce graphic design costs the print ads were converted into InDesign templates. The templates were easy and fast to update with new feature photography and product listings. The templates had four different variations that could be adjusted for most basic print requirements. The template deployment saved my clients hundred of hours in labor costs – that was better used to advertising costs.


Website Design Sample Asheville Special Event

Asheville Web Site Design for Non-Profit

The Asheville Hair Project was a fun experience. Creating a fun hip website with Dreamweaver is always fun. The website was a favorite tool for the Asheville production – with many media outlets crediting the internet site as their source for information.

The Asheville Hair Project also sold the tickets from their website.

Asheville WebSite For Local Production

I also created a series of digital animation projections for the Asheville Hair Project. The American Flag Dancers animation played during the closing scene of the production. 

DESIGN: Set Design

The Door Scene. Some artist look back on their work. And with experience can see something different they would have done. I do not feel that toward these doors. At the time, I loved creating them from my photography and drawings. Each door projected on to a moving screen. The dancers interacted with the moving screens.

Asheville Stage Set Design

DOOR 1 – The Snakes 

The red of the door with the iron work protected so well. The difference between the dark tones and the orange-red saturation work prefect. The snake really do look quite evil.

Asheville Stage Set Design

DOOR 2: Two Heads 

The doors came from my own photography collection. What I didn’t have image of, I drew. These doors were shown off on stage – scaled larger than life. The 3D effect at the top of the door and the lower corners is an old disco ball. The teeth from the monsters head is the Needle (Center of Dublin). I like combining textures and tones from different time periods.

Asheville Stage Set Design

DOOR 3: Little Door

The small door had a quick scene when door opened for a short animation. On stage the door animation and stage lighting for the effect of light coming out of the door.  Really great effect – that out a full house roam every-time.

Asheville Stage Set Design

DOOR 4: Knockers.

The 4th and final door is the most plain of the designs. On stage, this door was beside the 3rd door – that had an animation scene – that the audience were to engage with. Pull the design back on this door kept the interest in point.

Creating work for a moving screen

Two doors came from one projector. To ensure that the image rests correctly – when arriving at an angle. This is where the math comes in – and the artwork starts to look a bit like this.


PHOTOGRAPHY Architectural

Asheville Architectural Photography by Gary Crossey

Before the Wicked Weed in Asheville. There was a short period when the Asheville Hardware store was downtown. Just before the opening, the client was eager to have Press Releases and marketing about the grand opening to include their branding.

However, when I arrived to for the Architectural Photography – the signs had not been installed. I photographed the building and added the log to the photos in Photoshop. Below is an example of the sign that the client had during the photo shoot.

Before added the logo in Photoshop




Multi Media Installation

Alice opens with the story of falling down the rabbit hole. The opening for Terpsicorps Theatre of Dance "ALICE" production began with an 8 minute multi media segment. The stage design included three projectors. Two front projectors and a rear projector. The depth of images that could be created on stage with three HD projectors was incredible. As the designer of all the media content - it wasn't until the dancers were in the theatre that I actually saw the installation at it's true size. AND WHAT A SIZE!

FULL STAGE BACKDROP (very large projection).


Motion Graphics by Gary Crossey
ALICE - Video installation for Terpsicorps Theatre of Dance.

Director and Creator: Heather Maloy.
Motion Graphics: Gary Crossey.
Graphic Design: Brian Jones.

Down the Rabbit Hole

The opening scene of Alice falling down the rabbit hole, with Heather Maloy (as Alice). The sky and trees were shot on a reclaimed beach near Jacksonville. The trees were bleached from the sun and had such interesting forms. I tried to capture arrangements of branches that resembled the form of the dancers.

Color appears as Alice enters the rabbit hole. The rabbit hole footage was created from the lighting inside the tunnels in Asheville and laying with After Effect.

Alice: Ballet – Motion Graphics by Gary Crossey

Artwork: The Clock

Graphic Design Asheville by Gary Crossey

The silver clock featured in the rabbit hole and the White Rabbit being trapped in time was my grandmothers 70's wooden clock. After photographing the clock, I covered the wood with the silver Lloyd's bank (London) metal doors. The red on the animated clock hands is the reflection of my red jacket against the huge diamond metal doors.

Asheville Design Production

Hall of Tears

The Rose Garden

News Articles & Asheville Media Reviews


Opening Scene Design by Gary Crossey

Creating the Rabbit Hole scene for the Asheville Ballet of Alice was one of the most famous scenes of the entire production. The rabbit hole was not only the first color scene, but it was also one of the few scenes that were completely made of video – with on live action. All the dancing and effects were recorded, and I got to do my bit!

Opening Scene

Research for the Rabbit Hole Scene

How to create the rabbit hole? While others may turn to After Effects for all of their special effects I prefer to look at the real world. In Asheville, there are a few tunnels – and that is where my creativity took me first.

I began by walking the tunnel with my camera.

Research for production - rabbit hole1
Recording interesting design aspects.

Research for production.jpg

rabbit_hole_2.jpgResearch for production - rabbit hole3.jpg Research for production - rabbit hole4.jpg

Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

BRANDING Asheville Business

Business Card Design for Asheville Firm

Asheville Business Card Design by IrishGuy Graphic Design

The Fastfwd Website Hosting Business Card design worked so well. The print job was perfect (and very cheap). The front of the business card is covered with a UV coat. The UV coat adds a layer of shine. The UV coat also saturates the colors. In the case of the Asheville Fastfwd Business Card design – the bold red to black design bars really popped!

Graphic Design by Gary Crossey aka IrishGuy. Business card design for Fastfwd Asheville.

The great thing about my design. I create all of it. The patterns I use I either photograph or draw. I am not online searching for the images I need to make my point of view. I control my design and development (unless its collaborative – even then with strong design options).

The first design option I have as a graphic designer. Create your own. With the Fastfwd business card design. I wanted the visual to be something grounding but with motion.

Weeks before I had photographed the Belfast Airport. The outer walls have these amazing piped walls. The grooves and highlights provided me with the motion. Including an element from home provided the grounding.

While most of Belfast Airport exterior photography does not include the wall fasting. I chose to include the fasting on the business card. The knot was the active working part of the walk – without the knots are work – the wall will blow away. The knots were the design and tech crew at Fastfwd.

The front of the business card design was the company overview. The back of the Fastfwd Business Card is a micro view of the personal contact information.

The back of the business card is the same image zoomed into a section of the photograph. The crop was tight to create the sense of self. One person. Following with heavy white type – I added the contact information.  With phone contact on the left. And online contact on the right. The contrast between red, black and heavy white was perfect for the cheap print job.  I am a firm believer, if you use cheap printing – do make it difficult.

The Asheville Fastfwd Business Card Design follows all the basic rules of graphic design. And, printed perfectly for less than $0.001 each! Now that is good graphic design.

NOTE: Fastfwd Media Design is now Fastfwd Online Services.


Web Design Sample Asheville Online Retail Store

Website Design for Asheville Local Business

Building a successful online store is an enormous task for any business. Add in the difficulty of maintaining seasonal (one-of-a-kind) inventory.

Even by today’s standard, the shopping cart website is user-friendly and engaging. With easy to use navigation. And a color palette that is easy on the eyes for online shopping.

Asheville Local Store - Shopping Cart Website Design

Read More


Poster Design for Special Event in Asheville

Graphics – Poster Design

Events Poster

How to take lots of information and transfer into a events poster. There is something to do everyday... and some more, though it is also "May Madness" a fun poster design for downtown Asheville nightclub.

Graphics – Poster Design

Girl Scouts of America

Poster created for the Asheville Girl Scouts of America.

Someday, I'll locate where all the dessert drawings that I created for this project! There are some super cute cakes.

Graphics – Events Poster / Book Cover

Book cover for Interactive Design conference hosted by AIU.


Graphics – CD Cover & Mixtape Promotion Banner

A collection of the minimization CD cover artwork created for some early DJ iGuy downtempo mixes.

DJ iGuy: Lust in Space

Underground Mixtape from Mary's Atlanta.

DJ iGuy: Spaceman Arms

Downtempo lounge mixtape for Larue's Asheville.

DJ iGuy: 115 BPM

A winter chill mix featuring tracks that run at 115 BPM.

The photography and graphic design were created by Gary Crossey.

DJ iGuy: Enotone Mix

I shot the photography a number of years ago while visiting Belfast. With Adobe Photoshop it is easy enough to convert a 300 year old stain-glass window to something more modern.

DJ iGUY: F**K off & Dance Winter ICE mix

The 3D character was borrowed from another project. The figure is part of an animated piece. The model was created in Poser and Adobe Photoshop. I draw the textures for the 3D model in Adobe Photoshop, then slowly layered them onto the model. The figure represents the hands of time, and are swinging like the pendulum of an old grandfather clock.

Postcard Design & Product Photography

Hiring a Professional Asheville Photographer

Direct Mail Discount Postard

Product Photography & Direct Mail Sample

I spent “days” photographing this stone collection. Thankfully, as a professional Asheville photographer; I love to work with hard objects. The entire Product line is shiny rocks. Yes, they reflect everything. Some of the spheres can reflect the whole room at once. And, I think I may have said it before, they shine, shine, shine, and reflect. Read More

WEB DESIGN Historical Site

Interactive family tree website.

Historical Website opens with the extended family tree. Many of the family members died during the Second World War and no photos were available of them. The website objective was to collect information and pictures of the entire family tree.

Each family could also few just their family tree – with each icon active to launch the personal profile of each family member.

Each family member was given their page. That viewers could add information, photos, and at times the person name (which had been lost over time).

Click to Enlarge
Read More

WEBSITE DESIGN Asheville Retail Store

Web Design Sample Asheville Shop

Asheville Retail Website Design

Oh, the days of Flash were a fun time for website design. Sure, connection speed was certain. And, smartphones or tablets were a far off idea. What Flash did deliver to the internet user was motion.

Asheville Website Design Example

Screen Captures of Web Site

As a Website Designer and Developer, working with Flash was fun!
The My Native Ireland website was a project of passion.

I do miss my Curved Scroll Bar - it was quite fancy (even for then). I wrote the ActionScript to create the scrollbar to find the design of this website. The paint brushes I created in Adobe Illustrator.

The entire site had a sense of soft movement - which captured the Asheville store so perfectly.

My Native Ireland Photography Samples

Link to the My Native Ireland (Asheville) web site photography samples.


Graphic Designer approach to awards

An essential function of graphic design is to convey information. As with music, design sets a mood and creates connections. Graphic Design tells the viewer how to respond to the entire message embodied in the graphics.

For Unilever – they wanted their international managers to feel appreciated during the ACCA 2002 World Conference.

We proposed the design solution to embody the product line.


Frame-by-Frame Animation

Spinning Head GIF Animation

GIF Animation

Longer GIF Animation of Spinning Head

Animation created frame-by-frame using Photoshop.

Animation by Gary Crossey

Frame-by-Frame Special Effect

Creating special effects frame-by-frame is not the norm. Most graphic designers and video editors would turn to Adobe After Effects. And, yes, I too love working with Adobe After Effects. However, as an experienced After Effects user, I understand the limits. I know what I want a particular look I need to do it myself.

Animation frame-by-frame by Asheville IrishGUy


Series of Asheville Print Ads

The series of black and white print ads created for My Native Ireland (Asheville). The graphic design of the ads follows the company Branding and borrows graphics from the website.

The client hired us for Product Photography, Copy Writing, Graphic Design, Printing, and Distribution. We photographed the product in the downtown Asheville store.

Asheville Print Ad - Diana Wortham
Diana Wortham Program
Asheville print ad
Highland Games Print Ad
Asheville graphic design sample of print ad
Mountain Xpress Asheville Print Ad
Asheville Print ad - Graphic Design Sample
Rapid River Print Ad



Direct Mail Postcard Dentist for Dentist

Modern Postcard Designs

A series of postcard designs created by the dentist Scott D Neal DDS. Scott requested for something a bit different than all the other dentists were doing. The design direction used a combination of my abstract photography and graphics.

The second postcard began by drawing the figure and toothbrushes. The male figure graphic was included in the branding package.

Graphic Design Sample Mug Mockup

Direct Mail Postcard Design

Direct Mail Postcard Design by Asheville IrishGuy Design Studio

GRAPHIC: Tradeshow Posters

GRAPHICS: Tradeshow

TRADESHOW GRAPHICS - American Intercontinental University

There were so many parts to American Intercontinental University tradeshow.

The trade show booth had the five large posters installed toward the back of the booth with the multimedia presentation played in a loop.

Multimedia presentation and visual effects created by Gary Crossey.
Art Direction, Character, and Background Art created by John Ryan -DAGNABIT.
Music by Transcendence (thanks guys for letting me use the score).

Tradeshow Posters

There is nothing more fun than printing in large format. The American Intercontinental University Trade Show Posters were over 5 feet tall and mounted on to a firm foam cord. The five-panel poster installation looked awesome.

I began the project by creating the orange 3D circle. The circles were created with thin layers of digital glass. I was surprised that the tube like quality of the orange circle graphics actually printed so well - the sense of 3D really did pop.

The silver texture in 2000 was a digital challenge - which I was certainly up for. The silver texture was created with fine gradients, noise, and blur effects. The printer did an awesome job to preserve all of the reflective textures and surfaces - ONLY WORK WITH A TRUSTED PRINTER.


Asheville Website Design Sample - Animated Navigation Bar

Asheville Website Design – TV Station

Web Design Sample Asheville TV Station

Building a website for your local TV station is a great horror. Working with the URTV group was a fun project.

The brand and style of the Asheville TV Station were carefully planned. The launch of the website provided the Asheville members with the ability to book equipment, upload new content, connect with other Asheville TV producers.

The design goal of the website – simple and clean. The entire website design was about form and function, while also looking for ways to more expressive.


Custom Navigation Bar

Custom Website Navigation

The Asheville TV station URTV website included a great deal of information. However, it was quickly discovered that the website main focus for visitors were 1-of-4 web pages.

Given the draw to these four pages – I quickly created a custom navigation system that would let the website visitor access these four web pages directly.

The use of the remote was a design element that we all liked. Each website page had some type of digital tool or code.






Web Design Sample Hardware Store

Create a Small Business Website

Asheville Small Business website (before there was Wicked Weed). Was created to include the following functions:

  • Easy to use the drop-down menu.
  • Interactive events calendar.
  • User login – and ability to make revisions.
  • Basic shopping cart.
  • Website Photo Galleries.
  • Embed youtube promotional video.

Gary Crossey created all the graphics, photography and promotional videos for the website.

Asheville Product Photography for website

Product Website Pages

Asheville Small Business website by IrishGuy Gtraphics

Asheville Product Photography for websiteHaving an online program that looked good and functioned are difficult to find online. When created the Class Schedule page for the site I used dark & light contrast for the date, time, and cost. While opting for a light, less stress on the reader’s eyes. Soft green background with crisp black type.

Web design by IrishGuy Graphics


DIRECT MAIL Fashion Postcard

Asheville Graphic Design Sample

  • Product Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Printing
  • Distributing

Asheville Graphic Design for Direct Mail Campaign

The postcard design was created for Ab-Lib Asheville clothing store.

The creative graphic design services for this Asheville business began with product photography. The graphic design with completed by Brian Jones.

Having an experienced designer heading this graphic design project made all the difference. The postcard design was distributed to Asheville neighborhoods.

DIRECT MAIL: Georgia Public Television

Direct Mail Sample

Direct Mail created to promote the movie The Chattahoochee River: Muddied Waters, Clear Solutions.

Direct Mail - Graphic Design Example by Gary Crossey For Asheville IrishGuy Design.

One of my early direct mail projects. Created for The Chattahoochee River: Muddied Waters, Clear Solutions movie on Georgia Public Television GPTV. The graphic design project began with the beautiful photograph shot by husband and wife team – Joe & Monica Cook. The photographers shot a series of photos while traveling down the Chattahoochee River.

While the direct mailer had a great deal of information to share. I worked closely with Angela Carroll (Assistant Director) to create a design that was precise and clear to understand. This was a call to action – the movie was a call to action. An awesome graphic design project that I am proud I was part of – even if it was only to design the layout for the direct mailer.

IMDB: The Chattahoochee River: Muddied Waters, Clear Solutions.
DIRECTOR / WRITER: Fran Burst-Terranella.
PHOTOGRAPHY: Joe & Monica Cook (read more about the photographers on the GPB website.

VIDEO Art Installation

Media Installation by Gary Crossey

Creating visuals for an art installation can mean many different things. Media Installation

For the Gorgeous art installation, I used mostly frame-by-frame animation. Each frame created in Photoshop (27 frames a second). Combining the photography of Bart Peeters - I deconstructed the images in multilayers. Each layer reveals the newer self. The more understood. The more exposed.

Part 1

Part 2
Currently Uploading

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9


Asheville Package Design Prototype


Asheville Package Design Prototype

The fundamental concept for the Fruit Bytes Package Design prototype was to help the end user organize their digital media by color sorting. Each color represented a fruit of the same color. 


Asheville Package Design Prototype


The fundamental concept for the Fruit Bytes Package Design prototype was to help the end user organize their digital media by color sorting. Each color represented a fruit of the same color. 

GRAPHIC DESIGN: Organize with Colors 

  • Red - Strawberry.
  • Yellow - Lemon. 
  • Orange - Orange. 
  • Green - Cucumber. 

During testing end users reported that they enjoyed the bright cheerful graphics. The overall impression was that most computer related accessories were dull and uninspiring. 

The Fruit Bytes product line proved to be user friendly (and likes) as the discs that was easy to find, visual to organize, and something the the user could keep track of without losing.

Page from Annual Report

Page layout by IrishGuy Gary Crossey

Asheville Package Design Prototype


Asheville Package Design Prototype

 Package Design

Package Design

Package Design by Graphic Designer Gary Crossey


Web Design Sample Hosting Firm

Website Design

Website Design

All success sites begin with a mock-up.

For Fastfwd, the mock was clean and precise. With content in five central sections – and each chapter assigned a color code.

The website visitor could also access website content by click on 1 of 3 menu drawers.

  • Sections – with labels and color code.
  • News
  • Quick links – most recent content.

The Fastfwd prototype built with ActionScript. While the website framework is clean, open, and neat. The white background is serving as an interactive stage where the viewer can interact and watch content unfold.

Planning Website Content

Most businesses fail to spend enough time on considering how their site content is to present. For most websites, it seems sufficient to toss the content simply at the screen and run away.

Personally, I do not like that method of managing website content.



Website Design






Poster Design by Gary Crosey
drawing_by_gary_crossey_paintingPoster Design

PROJECT SCOPE: Create a large poster to cover the windows of the art gallery.

Commissioned by AIU to hang the Gradation Art Show. I begin the project by designing the large window posters.

I drew the picture hook to emphasize the process of hanging the show. The show was coming – at that point much of the art was still in creation. There were only the hook and the walls.

The posters were printed on a large format plotter (think floorplans).

While the plotter could do an excellent job at printing large format – the color saturation is low. Ink costs were also a consideration. To offset printing costs, and to achieve the highest possible saturation I choose to use muted colors. The muted colors tended to have less printer banning (horizontal lines from too much ink that causes clogging).

Recycle Graphics

The strange thing about a Gradation Art Show – there is often no work completed for the show – until the moment before the show opens. During the period of marketing the Art Show opening and Gallery Space – no-one quite knew what their last and final project would be. I managed the computer lab at the University – I had created a Portfolio Club – the work of which was featured in the Gradation show in the main Unversity Gallery.


WEB DESIGN: Flash Navigation

Website Design styles are similar to an old pair of pants. Once, those pants were new. They were the pants wore on special occasions. The pants quickly start to look old and dated. But, a one-point-in-time those were the best pants!

GIF Animation of Flash Navigation System. Web Design is slowly returning to the freedom of Flash web design. With many themes include robust apps that are engaging via any device.

Early Website Navigation

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WEBSITE DESIGN: Animation Site

Web Design Animation Firm

Winning Web Site Design from Asheville

A coding pleasure that WON FIRST PRIZE for BEST BUSINESS WEB SITE from WIRED Magazine. The Dagnabit web site was my introduction to Flash, and ActionScript. Before DAGNABIT I had not used Flash. I had no idea at the time that the web site would be considered, let alone win the Best Business Web Site award from WIRED.

The web site houses a large collection of work. From complex storyboards, animation samples, video reels, and stills (lots of stills). Everything for the DAGNABIT website is custom built. I wrote all the ActionScript. The web site has a treasure of hidden features, or events.

Visit DAGNABIT Web Site.

Asheville built web site technology

The DAGNABIT Animation web site is huge... and has every bell and whistle I could think to add. WIRED magazine liked my preloaders coding. The preloaders all have a visual feedback. The video section morphing preloader, is the web site feature that most impressed the WIRED judges.

The Video Gallery is user friendly. The viewer is greeted with the animated Dagnabit character popping a remote control. My client is an animator - that does great work. I wanted the Dagnabit web site to have an animated interface.Once a video is selected, that animation begins. The Dagnabit character morphs into a TV set - and the video begins to play. The morphing animation is the video preloader. The overall effect is quite amazing and seamless.

Asheville Web Site Design with Adavanced Enrollment Features

The enrollment page, is one of the pages that I loved creating. Upon submitting the form, the Cream Pie animates to a Pie in the Face. With cream sliding down the screen. John Ryan created the animation that I then programmed to load upon command.

Drop the Baby Button

The Dropping The Baby on the head is also kind of fun to play with. I created the short animation effect of Robert being dropped on his head as a baby (along with sound effects). The Dropping the Baby animation is a wonderful time waster (that most everyone enjoys doing).


Photography by Gary Crossey - RED
Red by Gary Crossey



I am building a theme in the simple to follow naming of this collection of photography. With Checkered Floor, I photographed a public building in the center of Belfast. As a child, I stood outside this building a million times. Embarking on a bus to any direction of Belfast.

As an adult, I entered the building and discover Checkered Floors. After talking with my family and friends – none of them had ever gone inside the building. But, in their mind, they all had an idea of what they expected to see. It was not checkered floors. I then made “Checker” with fragments of different photos – each representing might think of the ground when they know it is just a checkered floor.

Abstract Photography by Gary Crossey

Every Day Art

Photography by Gary Crossey

Red Curves

Red with patterns – hard for me to resist photographing.

Abstract Photography by Gary Crossey


GRAPHICS Needledust

Web Site Design

The year is 2000 – people were new to the internet and were happy to click around. Standard Screen resolutions were 720 pixels wide. Flash was an incredible option for developing web content. Fast Forward, some years and Flash content, will not play on Apple devices. For that reason – I have created video captures of the old Flash content.

Website Interface Design by Gary Crossey

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Envelope Design

Envelope Design by Irishguy Design Studio Asheville NC

The Big Red Tomato Restaurant Envelope Design

A well-designed envelope can deliver your message more directly into the hands of your target market. Unless Facebook posts and email blasts, an envelope can leave an impression on your customer.

For the design of The Big Red Tomato Gift Certificate Envelope, it was more about keeping with the Branding rules created for the restaurant.



Animation Shorts

When working on animation projects. You end up with many animation shorts. From pencil tests. To timing tests. Finishing with render tests. There are many stages when footage is created.


Kissing: I created the kissing animation using 3D Studio Max. While the many 3D software package go into and out of vogue. I have very fond memories of working with 3D Studio Max – when it was the main dog in town. Capturing the male and female persona was a key element of the animation.

Hand Sketching Rendering

The much underrated Poser software is always fun to work with. With the two figure sketches I was looking for different shapes to use for an Atlanta logo and marketing campaign.

Stop Motion Animation

Everyone loves a good jig. Short stop motion animation created with still images and timing!

Man in Motion Animation

Short example of a series of motion animation created for a nightclub installation. The animation was projected to movie screen size and played on a loop.

{One of these days, the other 45 minutes of missing footage from the installation may show up}.


Web Design Sample Early HTML

Early HTML Web Site Design

The initial years of web design were exciting design times. As a young designer, I was exploring different methods for deploying online content. Even before Flash – the creative curve was already very high. There were no design rules for website design – web standards were not on the table. In fact, almost no-one was at the table.

Those initial years were a testing playground without users. Media Rich Content was loaded, tested, and achieved without anyone interacting with the content. Before YouTube – Connection speeds and limited deployment tools made sharing video content.

Web Design Crosseye Graphics

The website was one large graphic. That was cut into small pieces and loaded into a table from the server. The process could be streamlined to be quite fast. Then users arrived at the internet, and the design of websites changed.

Early HTML website design by Gary Crossey
Click to Enlarge
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PHOTOGRAPHY Educational Editorial

Photography by Gary Crossey - Educational Editorial

The Glue Gun entered my life during my first Window Dressing job – where we used the Glue Gun for everything. I have remained a huge fan ever since.

Reasons why I like working with a Glue Gun

  • The glue set quickly.
  • The objects are easy to reset.
  • Hot Glue removes with ease (clients products returned without damage).

Photography Creativity

Pencil Design

Photography Pencil Tips by Gary Crossey


Animation – to bring motion to.

I created the dancing figures for an Atlanta nightclub installation. The dancing figures got projected on the tall walls of the 350 Club in midtown Atlanta.

During the evening I kept moving the projectors to new and interesting places, including on the back of moving drag queen.


Animation Sample

Animation sample of a character I created for a multimedia shows in Atlanta. The animation was part of a visual series.  From the series, the Light Man animation was fun, exciting, and creative projects. It also does well to mention that my client did give me creative control.

The Light Man animation begin with the simple chalk outline. I later created the light shape – with a light cycle of color. I used Adobe After Effects to created the chalk to color transition.


Chalk Outline Animation

Part of the same series. Chalk outline Animation sample.

BRANDING Restaurant Branding

BRANDING Restaurant Branding


Restaurant Branding

Branding Atlanta

It was such an honor to redesign the BIG RED TOMATOES (Atlanta) Branding package. The Big Red Tomato was one of the key players in Atlanta cuisine. Serving Award-Winning Italian food in the heart of midtown Atlanta.

The graphic design aspects of the Restaurant were quite simple – “We want a Big Ass Red Tomato.”


Early Illustration work for Logo Prototype


Creating a local restaurant branding.

Logo Design



Business Card Design

The business cards carried over from the graphic design of the menu. The graphic design on the reverse of the business card


Gift Certificate Design

The Branding for the Big Red Tomato was carried over to the Gift Certificate.


Match Box Design

Branding design restaurant


Restaurant Menu Design

Front of Menu – fold into four.


Inside of Menu – fold into four.



3D face modeled by Gary Crossey - Asheville

The 3D character commissioned for a series of posters. 

Much of my early design work is 3D – from personal projects to the design solutions I provided in art school. I often transferred 2D design projects into 3D renderings – with a sharp knife and a hot glue gun.

I can not recall when I started working with 3D software.  I just remember the environment as being engaging. The X, Y, & Z makes perfect sense to me. Texture maps and masking – second nature. Also, the ability to light a 3D scene (I adapted my Photography Studio skills to create powerful lighting combinations).

Unlike, the photo studio, I feel like I have complete control over a 3D scene and character. I can fine tune every muscle. Adjust lighting. Make the unreal, real. While on the reverse – the 3D models may often render with that aspect of the artists steer visual control. 3D is not by chance; there are no accidents.

3D Model

Poster Design

Poster Design by Graphic Designer Gary Crossey

3D MODEL – Visual Installation

CLIENT: Club NV Atlanta
PROJECT: Multimedia Protection


Creating the 3D figures was awesome fun. Most of the texture and alpha masking work was done in Photoshop.I then added the texture maps via my 3D software.

Graphic Design Style

Creating the graphic design style for the figures – was quite a development. Firstly, I wanted the character to make movements that can’t be made. In my design world there is no gravity – this girl floats in mid air (quite comfortably).

The transparent body texture that I created allowed the viewer to see though the body – to see that visual motion that you normally could not see. The visual content from the transparent figure creates a visual overload (where body parts are difficult to distinguish). While the motion of the motion of the characters is so slow that go unnoticed. Both over and under whelming the viewer.


The panels are samples from the media presentation. The animated (often) mirrored characters slowly move into each position. Then pause. The media installation had a stillness to it. Content paused. The viewer had time to say “what the hell is that?” Or, “I like the red dot”.

The point was the view could connect. The content moved slowly, if at all. For some viewers it took a while before they realized that the content had altered. In a time – when video is full of motion and content. The video projection software had another layer of effects that created more visual complexly to the installation.





Design work by Gary Crossey
Certainly Grace Jones Inspired

The Early Animations

The style of the project begin with this simple rendering – think Grace Jones as a Playboy Bunny. Using two colors to create the female silhouette – wearing a dicky bow was also on the table.


Annual Report Graphics

Hexagon Panels for an Annual Report Graphic Design Project.
Created vector graphics and 3D Studio Max, I assembled the panels.

    The Hexagon covered with a metal blue texture map (that I created in Photoshop).
    I illuminated the 3D scene with an array of soft to bright lights.

The mental texture and lighting made for an attractive graphic design element that had a significant influence on the design project. The Hexagon Panels appeared in an array of early 2000 graphic design projects. From annual reports, websites, posters, and banners –  my 3D hexagons was there.

3D Hexagon animation

Prototype for Graphic Design Element

Animated User Interface panels from the early design process. The idea of having the hexagon expand out to create user experiences was the first active design decision. Tests for the animated prototypes were inadequate – which resulted in a more refined user-friendly navigation system.



3D Hexagon Patter by Gary Crossey

3D Pattern by Gary Crossey

3D Pattern by Gary Crossey

3d model of hesagons for website interface

Graphic Design Projects that the Hexagons are Featured:

Hexagon Panels Created by Gary Crossey






3D Model Dice created by Gary Crossey

Some 3D projects can be engulfing. The 3D Dice were everything I could think about for a few weeks. Inspired by the song “I’ve Never Been to Memphis” by Billie Ray Martin. With these two lines directing the look of the 3D Dice.

"So what's the use in rolling the dice when you already know how it's gonna fall"
"I wanna see Las Vegas lights, yeah laughing at the dark"

Link to the Lyrics 

The dice have quite a bit of detail. Textured with a reflective glass, with glass tubes in the center. When animated, lights shone out of the holes in the numbers.

3D Render Farm

Rendering reflective glass in 3D takes forever – unless you know what you are doing. Props create render farms. For the dice, I built a community render farm by connecting over 100 computers to deal with rendering.  Each computer would process one frame from the render queue. Even the slowest of computers could handle one frame – making the overall rendering tasks much faster and efficient.  With the help of the render farm I was able to make tests runs on sections of footage without too much downtime.

WEB DESIGN: Early Website Design

It is crazy to think now that the internet arrived with limitations. I began building the business website when everyone connected to the internet via dial-up.

The early days of the web and web design presented a set of design considerations.  File size and page loading times were a huge dilemma. Bottle-necking was a thing – best avoided.

Early HTML Website Design

The Crosseyed Graphics Website Design launched 1998. The site was published a year before my University included on their marketing brochure that they had an internet connection.

A portal site at heart. The website includes photo galleries.

Here is the first gallery as an animated gif. Featuring some of my very early graphic design work for Tasty Tim and design ideas for Mark Moore.

Asheville website design example of early gallery

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WEBSITE DESIGN: Photography Abstractions

Photography created for the Crosseyed Graphics website. Set up in the early days of the internet. I built the site with HTML.

Due to slow connection speeds, the background photography was sliced into hundreds of small tiles. The small tiles would reduce bottlenecking the server while creating an interesting loading pattern for the viewer.

Website Design - Crosseyed Graphics

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PAINTING: Sur·ren·der


Sur·ren·der first began as a simple sketch called "Hands Up".

Most of my paintings in the 90's began as a 2D cartoon sketch. I quite liked the 2D image. Sure it was simple, but it held a focus. The abstract style came later. It was more of an emotional response than an artistic one. The idea of consuming the figure with layers of paint was reflective to a personal relationship. While the original face of the friend was open and clear. The truth about this person was much more of a facade. The thick layers of oils hide the original honesty of the piece, in exchange for something darker and unfriendly.

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