BRANDING: Chromedome

BRANDING: Chromedome

Graphic Design - Logo design by Gary Crossey aka IrishGuy

Asheville Graphic Design by Gary Crossey (aka IrishGuy)

Asheville Small Business Logo Design

The target market for the ChromeDomes product line is bikers. Need I say more?


There is something special about every business card project. The business card plays a defining role for many small businesses.
For most, the business card design is the first step to reaching your business goal.

Not that a business card is going to make or break your plan of activities – but, it does feel good when you can hand out the business card you are proud of.

The ChromeDomes business cards were the most excellent print job. As a graphic designer, there is that time between the box of business cards arriving back from the printer and opening the box – that you almost don’t want to open the box.

Experience with Outsourcing Printing

Asheville Logo DesignWhen having to rely on outside printers, always plan for mistakes. They happen. Even your most trusted local printer will screw stuff up, and deny it. While the large print house may lose or misplace. Either way. Plan for the unexpected – there are huge losses when something goes wrong. The last thing your printer wants to do (especially your small print houses) is to comp you for a misprint.

For the ChromeDomes Business card – their print was BRILLIANT. The front of the business card has a high-gloss finish. The gloss finish deepen the red and black tones while making the white type pop. The reverse side of the business card was printed on a deep matte finish. While there was no shine to the backside of the business card, it did have a slightly embossed texture – that give the business card a rich feel in hand.

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