Asheville Business Card Design

Working with the Asheville Salon is always fun. For the Asheville Salon Business Card both Danielle and Greg wanted a business card they could feel proud about handing out.

The graphic design for the Asheville Salon business card design is a true reflection of the Asheville Salon branding guidelines.

Personalize your Business Card

Asheville Salon wanted to way to personalize their business card – without distracting from the brand. The graphic design solution that I presented – was to let each person choice their own element to add to their business card.

For Danielle, she added her own hand-drawn sketch of an owl that Danielle has a connected to. While Greg choice to use a sketch of a flower that Danielle also drew.

As the graphic designer for Asheville salon I am very pleased to include Danielle’s artwork. The sketches are  an extension of Danielle’s creative self – the same creative self that Danielle brings to each of the hair styles that she creates.

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