Asheville Business Card Design

Working with the Asheville Salon is always fun. For the Asheville Salon Business Card both Danielle and Greg wanted a business card they could feel proud about handing out.

The graphic design for the Asheville Salon business card design is a true reflection of the Asheville Salon branding guidelines.

Personalize your Business Card

Asheville Salon wanted to way to personalize their business card – without distracting from the brand. The graphic design solution that I presented – was to let each person choice their own element to add to their business card.

For Danielle, she added her own hand-drawn sketch of an owl that Danielle has a connected to. While Greg choice to use a sketch of a flower that Danielle also drew.

As the graphic designer for Asheville salon I am very pleased to include Danielle’s artwork. The sketches are  an extension of Danielle’s creative self – the same creative self that Danielle brings to each of the hair styles that she creates.


Asheville Business Card Design Inspired by a Needle Business Card design by Gary Crossey aka IrishGuy. Graphic design services were for Asheville Underground Weaver.

Asheville is the home to the small business. Working on the design for the Asheville Business card for Underground Weaver was a fun project. I spent time with the Weaver and watched her work. Bernice worked between different artisan projects – all of which were wildly different from one another. The one thing that caught my eye was the tool that Bernice liked to use. A hook needle. Read More


Asheville Business Card Design

Business Card Design Asheville


The Irish Guy Production business card was one of those perfect print jobs. The business card is bright and cheerful. With crisp colors and bright white.

Printing your Business Card

Use a printer you trust. The most expensive print job is not always the best. Arrive at your printer, as their customer with a design that is not difficult to print. Present the printer with a plan that can make you both shine.

The Business Card Design

There was a time (not so very long ago) that business cards held a very active role in business and networking. Today, the role of the business card has lessened – while maintaining an efficient way to exchange contact information quickly.

Business Card Design Asheville

Designing for a Brand

Early in the design process, a robust and bold color palette for Irish Guy Productions was created, NO green!  Blue was removed during the early design submissions – as it may be perceived too masculine when paired with “Irish Guy.”

The color branding for Irish Guy Productions ranges from soft candy pink to hot pink.

Business Card Design Asheville

Designing a business card for a brand couldn’t be easier. And, for most businesses, should be the first graphic design service you have when you can just relax. A business card project means that your business logo is done (whoo hoo!)

Creating a business card is that first project that will follow your Business Branding Rules. For those businesses or groups who have done the work to define a well-formed Brand Package – then the business card is a time to REJOICE and ENJOY your hard work. During the Business Card Graphic Design process look for design discrepancies from misinterpreting the Branding Guidelines.

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GRAPHIC: Business Card Design

Business Card Designs

Oh the days of business cards. These little paper notices that sought your attention. The business card doesn’t play the same role that it used to. Today ranking number 1 for your search term will generate more customers.

Google Ranking impacts the Business Card

Since IrishGuyProductions began to rank number 1 for the search term “Irish Guy” – we found less of a need for paper business cards. But in keeping true to our brand our Business Card has a clean, precise design. With rich reds and hot pinks that balance with the stark  white. The front of the business card was a high gloss, while the back has a smooth matt contrast.

* Brian Jones worked on some of the business cards featured.


BRANDING: Asheville Business

Business Card Design for Asheville Firm

Asheville Business Card Design by IrishGuy Graphic Design

The Fastfwd Website Hosting Business Card design worked so well. The print job was perfect (and very cheap). The front of the business card is covered with a UV coat. The UV coat adds a layer of shine. The UV coat also saturates the colors. In the case of the Asheville Fastfwd Business Card design – the bold red to black design bars really popped!

Graphic Design by Gary Crossey aka IrishGuy. Business card design for Fastfwd Asheville.

The great thing about my design. I create all of it. The patterns I use I either photograph or draw. I am not online searching for the images I need to make my point of view. I control my design and development (unless its collaborative – even then with strong design options).

The first design option I have as a graphic designer. Create your own. With the Fastfwd business card design. I wanted the visual to be something grounding but with motion.

Weeks before I had photographed the Belfast Airport. The outer walls have these amazing piped walls. The grooves and highlights provided me with the motion. Including an element from home provided the grounding.

While most of Belfast Airport exterior photography do not include the wall fasting. I choice to include the fasting on the business card. The knot was the active working part of the walk – without the knots are work – the wall will blow away. The knots were the design and tech crew at Fastfwd.

The front of the business card design was the company overview. The back of the Fastfwd Business Card is a micro view of the personal contact information.

The back of the business card is same image zoomed into a section of the photograph. The crop was tight to create the sense of self. One person. Following with heavy white type – I added the contact information.  With phone contact on the left. And online contact on the right. The contrast between red, black and heavy white was perfect for the cheap print job.  I am a firm believer, if you use cheap printing – do make it difficult.

The Asheville Fastfwd Business Card Design follows all the basic rules of graphic design. And, printed perfectly for less than $0.001 each! Now that is good graphic design.

Asheville Business Card Design by Gary Crossey

NOTE: Fastfwd Media Design is now Fastfwd Online Services.


Business Card Design - Asheville IrishGuy Gary Crossey - Graphic Designer

Business Card Design for Exxotic Boa Clothing. 

Working with Exxotic Boa Clothing was a wonderful experience. And the beginning of a dear friendship. The business card design was part of their branding package.

Visually, Exxotic Boa Clothing knew what they wanted. Their clothing line is unique. Often one-of-a-kind. My clients want stylish and timely – no fads.

The business cards design was part of the larger Branding Package that I developed for Exxotic Boa Clothing. The Branding Package included:

  • Logo design*.
  • Business card design and printing.
  • Website design and development.
  • Video shooting, editing and special effects
  • Fashion photography.
  • Design online clothing catalog.

What inspires a Business Card Design

Inspiration for the Business Card Design came from the website. The website design is a piece of art.

The website is technically brilliant! With Master Coding at on every level. Including loading content from three servers.  The graphic design aspects of the website was of the greatest importance.

When it came to designing the Business Card. most of the graphic design work is already done. By this stage of the project I had the Graphic Design rules established.

  • The logo was set.
  • Color systems and details from website was set.

The power of well-developed Branding Package in action . All future projects and designers are not having to second guess visual solutions. With Branding Guidelines in place it reduces the time required to transfer design solutions to business needs.

*Logo Design – the Exxotic Boa Clothing icon of the woman was originally drawn by someone else – I refined the icon and incorporated the icon into the logo design.

BRANDING: Restauart Branding

Branding Atlanta

Local Restaurant Branding

It was such an honor to redesign the BIG RED TOMATOES (Atlanta) Branding package. The Big Red Tomato was one of the key players for Atlanta cuisine. Serving Award-Winning Italian food in the heart of mid-town Atlanta.

The graphic design aspects of the Restaurant were quite simple – “We want a Big Ass Red Tomato.”


Early Illustration work for Logo Prototype



Creating a local restaurant branding.

Logo Design




Business Card Design

The business cards carried over from the graphic design of the menu. The graphic design on the reverse of the business card


Gift Certificate Design

The Branding for the Big Red Tomato were carried over to the Gift Certificate.


Match Box Design

Graphic Design is always classy for a Match Box.



Restaurant Menu Design

Front of Menu – fold into four.


Inside of Menu – fold into four.