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Graphics – CD Cover & Mixtape Promotion Banner

where can i purchase Keppra A collection of the minimization CD cover artwork created for some early DJ iGuy downtempo mixes.

DJ iGuy: Lust in Space

Underground Mixtape from Mary's Atlanta.

DJ iGuy: Spaceman Arms

Downtempo lounge mixtape for Larue's Asheville.

DJ iGuy: 115 BPM

A winter chill mix featuring tracks that run at 115 BPM.

The photography and graphic design were created by Gary Crossey.

DJ iGuy: Enotone Mix

I shot the photography a number of years ago while visiting Belfast. With Adobe Photoshop it is easy enough to convert a 300 year old stain-glass window to something more modern.

DJ iGUY: F**K off & Dance Winter ICE mix

The 3D character was borrowed from another project. The figure is part of an animated piece. The model was created in Poser and Adobe Photoshop. I draw the textures for the 3D model in Adobe Photoshop, then slowly layered them onto the model. The figure represents the hands of time, and are swinging like the pendulum of an old grandfather clock.

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