BRANDING: Asheville

BRANDING: Asheville

Asheville Logo Design by Gary Crossey aka IrishGuy

BRANDING Asheville Salon

Asheville Salon creates beautiful, stylish, and manageable hair. Their hairstyles have an enormous curbside appeal – that range from everyday wear, to formal, to a high-fashion art form.

When Danielle and Greg approached me to develop their brand and logo design for their downtown Asheville hair salon. They asked that their business name is user-friendly and have a strong search engine appeal.

Asheville Salon

After much local SEO and market research, I proposed Asheville Salon as the brand name.

Asheville Salon is both rememberable and rankable.

Asheville Salon Logo designed by Gary Crossey

Asheville Salon Logo Design Process

The Asheville Salon logo was a true design collaboration, that was very natural. Danielle created the sketches. I directed and refined the designs. Greg provided the much-appreciated Art Direction.Danielle wanted the logo to capture the idea of hair in motion.

During Stage One of the logo development, we explored creating the Letter A from hair. While the look is both organic and has a hand-drawn element – both visual items that Danielle had wanted to include.

We both felt like the logo was missing a refining element. We agreed that including the Letter S was a major visual aspect of the Asheville Salon brand.

For Stage Two, I created the visual study for Danielle. I wanted to share the idea that letters can be any range of different shapes while remaining true to their form.

With more than 20 examples of the same two letters. No two letters are visually the same – while they are all understood as the same.


Refining the Logo Design

With Danielle’s sketch of the letter A and S coming together into one form.

We had reached two logo design objectives.

  1. “Hair In Motion” Danielle.
  2. “Include letter A & S ” Greg.