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Every year I renew my Google Analytics Certification because it is important to me to stay current. The internet landscape is always changing. Web trends come and go. Often, without anyone else noticing. But, I notice.

The Google Analytics That I See

There is an art to Google Analytics and a digital artist – I understand how to work with numbers to create art. I also know how to see patterns in numbers, to capture trends before they burn out. Every year I return to the Google Academy eager to refine and define my SEO, Google Analytics, and Google Ad talents.

Thre are three things that happen with every Google Academy course without fail:

  • I always learn something new.
  • I always complete the course with a deeper understanding of what is important to Google.
  • I always leave with new options for my clients.
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AWARD Digital Storytelling

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Adobe award to Gary Crossey for Digital Storytelling

Crossey Receives Adobe Award for Digital Storytelling

Adobe Award for Digital Storytelling (Asheville, NC) – Technology offers unlimited global reach for personal storytelling and experiential sharing via digital tools and social media platforms. Gary Crossey, CEO, Irish Guy Productions (, an Asheville-based business, has been recognized by Adobe Education for Digital Storytelling curriculum design.

“We live in a world where students have unlimited resources to create, revise and share their unique stories with students and teachers around the world,” notes Crossey, a native of Northern Ireland. “I am honored that Adobe has recognized me for my work utilizing current digital trends to connect Asheville students with global audiences.”

Crossey received his B.A. from AIU of Atlanta. In 2009, AB Tech Community College honored him as the Continuing Education Faculty Member of the Year. In addition, Crossey has received Adobe Education Awards for Animation, App Design Training, Digital Creativity, Digital Imaging, Digital Storytelling, Graphics & Illustration, Publishing, Teacher Training, Video Editing, and Web Design.

Digital Storytelling Projects

AWARD Adobe Teacher Trainer

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Adobe Train the Trainer Awards

Crossey Honored As Adobe Education Trainer

Adobe Educational Trainer Award(Asheville, NC) — Gary Crossey, CEO, Irish Guy Productions (, has been honored as an Adobe Education Trainer. This award adds to his long list of achievements.

Crossey previously received Adobe awards for Animation, App Design Training, Digital Creativity, Digital Imaging, Graphics & Illustration, Publishing, Teacher Training, Video Editing, and Web Design.

A native of Northern Ireland, Crossey received his B.A. from AIU Atlanta. He has taught computer classes for faculty and staff at UNC Asheville, AB Tech Community College, and other institutions. In 2009, AB Tech honored Crossey as the Continuing Education Faculty Member of the Year.


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Asheville Video Editing Award from Adobe Education

Asheville Video Editing Adobe Award


Asheville Video Edit Samples

VIsually I wanted to create a mirror image of the music - using colors, tones, and contrast to create the more involved parts of the music. In Premiere - I am a big fan of the blend tools... which I used on ALL OF THE FOOTAGE - nothing got spared! The Blend Tool (same as found in Photoshop)... simply blends the content of layers together.

Using 3 pieces of footage, I copied each piece of footage - and placed one on top of the other. I then flipped the top layer, and applied a blend - which creates a low tech mirror effect. The patterns that go across the screen are the wipers on my car. I did slow the footage a bit, so that the wipers would match better with the beat.

Asheville Video Editing Award

Asheville Video Editing Sample

The background is a great example of LOW-TECH. The water effect was shot with a $20 digital camera - the video is water from an over flow. The main effect of the shining water is that the cheap camera got wet. The footage imported in at 420 px x 240 px (cheap camera). I placed the video footage in After Effects, and copied the layer 8 times, each layer with a blend to pump up the color saturation. Once I got something I could work with, I copied all of the content, flipped and aligned with the original (making my video footage twice the width).

The second piece of footage that I used - was an old stained glass window with lead. Using my smart phone (build in camera) I aligned the lense with the lead of the window and recorded moving along the lead. The center of the window has a purple and red tulip, that I placed a desk lamp behind to highlight the colored glass. (I added a screenshot of the window).

The third shot - was again captured using my smart phone. The image circle image is the inside of a purple bottle. I placed the lense right over the opening while moving a desk lamp around the outside of the bottle - created an awesome color blend.

Asheville Video Editing Award

WEBSITE DESIGN: Animation Site

Web Design Animation Firm

Winning Web Site Design from Asheville

A coding pleasure that WON FIRST PRIZE for BEST BUSINESS WEB SITE from WIRED Magazine. The Dagnabit web site was my introduction to Flash, and ActionScript. Before DAGNABIT I had not used Flash. I had no idea at the time that the web site would be considered, let alone win the Best Business Web Site award from WIRED.

The web site houses a large collection of work. From complex storyboards, animation samples, video reels, and stills (lots of stills). Everything for the DAGNABIT website is custom built. I wrote all the ActionScript. The web site has a treasure of hidden features, or events.

Visit DAGNABIT Web Site.

Asheville built web site technology

The DAGNABIT Animation web site is huge... and has every bell and whistle I could think to add. WIRED magazine liked my preloaders coding. The preloaders all have a visual feedback. The video section morphing preloader, is the web site feature that most impressed the WIRED judges.

The Video Gallery is user friendly. The viewer is greeted with the animated Dagnabit character popping a remote control. My client is an animator - that does great work. I wanted the Dagnabit web site to have an animated interface.Once a video is selected, that animation begins. The Dagnabit character morphs into a TV set - and the video begins to play. The morphing animation is the video preloader. The overall effect is quite amazing and seamless.

Asheville Web Site Design with Adavanced Enrollment Features

The enrollment page, is one of the pages that I loved creating. Upon submitting the form, the Cream Pie animates to a Pie in the Face. With cream sliding down the screen. John Ryan created the animation that I then programmed to load upon command.

Drop the Baby Button

The Dropping The Baby on the head is also kind of fun to play with. I created the short animation effect of Robert being dropped on his head as a baby (along with sound effects). The Dropping the Baby animation is a wonderful time waster (that most everyone enjoys doing).