Envelope Design

Envelope Design by Irishguy Design Studio Asheville NC

The Big Red Tomato Restaurant Envelope Design

A well-designed envelope can deliver your message more directly into the hands of your target market. Unless Facebook posts and email blasts, an envelope can leave an impression on your customer.

For the design of The Big Red Tomato Gift Certificate Envelope, it was more about keeping with the Branding rules created for the restaurant.


Branding Restaurant

BRANDING Restaurant Branding


Restaurant Branding

Branding Atlanta

It was such an honor to redesign the BIG RED TOMATOES (Atlanta) Branding package. The Big Red Tomato was one of the key players in Atlanta cuisine. Serving Award-Winning Italian food in the heart of midtown Atlanta.

The graphic design aspects of the Restaurant were quite simple – “We want a Big Ass Red Tomato.”


Early Illustration work for Logo Prototype


Creating a local restaurant branding.

Logo Design



Business Card Design

The business cards carried over from the graphic design of the menu. The graphic design on the reverse of the business card


Gift Certificate Design

The Branding for the Big Red Tomato was carried over to the Gift Certificate.


Match Box Design

Branding design restaurant


Restaurant Menu Design

Front of Menu – fold into four.


Inside of Menu – fold into four.