CSS: Retrieves posts from another website

Cross-Pollinate information

With CSS - cross-populate information Many successful website have more than one domain. Often to attract a larger share of the market. A great way to cross pollinate visitors is to share information.

The images shows how a  live feed from one WordPress website to another looks.

I created code that retrieves the feed from another website. To improve the function, I also created a few filters. Read More

WEB DESIGN Portal Website

Asheville Portal Website Design

Clean and precise graphic design solution for Asheville Portal site. Showcasing and connecting the six user resources provided by the Asheville design firm. The icon graphics are Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). The SVG format is naturally a small file size. Small file sizes reduce page loading time.  This website was developed to load in under a second – on any device.

Website Design Sample Asheville Portal Site
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