Create Meaningful Google Ads Campaigns

  • Text Ads on Search Engine results.
  • Banner Ads on other websites.
  • Social Media Campaign.
  • Email Campaign.
  • Or, a mix of the above.

Gain the Benefit from Campaign Tags

  1. Medium = email, CPC, or Social campaign.
  2. Source = where your visitor came from?
  3. Campaign = name of your campaign.
  4. Content = different verisons.
  5. Term = the keywords for paid search campaign.

Establish Obtainable Google Ad Goals

Business Goals = actions you want web users to do = conversion.

Google Ad Remarketing

A powerful way to re-engaging your website visitors.

Google Ad Remarketing is an effective way to connect with people who have already visited your site. With Remarketing your Google Ads appear on the website banners of other websites. Google Ad Remarketing is not an automatic service. Ensure you are reaching people who are interested in your product or service.

  • Target Audience.
  • Define Audience > New User / Returning User etc.
  • Adjust how long to target Remarketing ads.

Google Ad Dynamic Remarketing

With Google Ad Dynamic Remarketing Tracking Code added to your website you can target the following visitors. So you can re-connect with people based on what they showed an interest in before.

  • The visitor that left before completing their purchase.
  • People who viewed your homepage.
  • People who browsed your product pages.
  • A web visitor who reviewed a precise product.
  • A person who used a search result to access your website.
  • A previous customer.