WEBSITE DESIGN: Mitchell Lonas – Artist

Clean, Fresh Website Design

The work of Mitchell Lonas, Asheville is outstanding. When created the gallery thumbnail layout did serve well to deliver the content (may be due for a wee update). The website was built under the close direction from the artist. It is was very important to Mitchell that his artwork show well. As a web designer it is critical for me to understand my clients aesthetics. Especially when that website showcases the work of an artist, photographer, or designer.

Mitchell first request was that his website should be, "user friendly, and easy to get around." Due the heavy traffic that Mitchell's website recieves since his work was featured in The Twilight Series (2012) and Architectural Digest (2014). As well as being the featured artists for numerous charity events.

Much of Mitchell work ranges within the earth tones. The website color palette is directly influenced from the earth tones that Mitchell used in his work. The darker screen for the viewer greatly reduces the brightness (similar to reading a Kindle in night vision). I found that the details in Mitchell's work showed better with a darker palette - which created an awesome balance between Mitchell's visual aesthetics and my values of usability and utility from the website were met.

While working with my clients it is imperative that we are collaborative. A successful website needs that a driving focus behind it to maintain success.


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