WEBSITE DESIGN Asheville Retail Store

WEBSITE DESIGN Asheville Retail Store

Asheville Retail Website Design

Oh, the days of Flash were a fun time for website design. Sure, connection speed was certain. And, smartphones or tablets were a far off idea. What Flash did deliver to the internet user was motion. The My Native Ireland website was a project of passion. I do miss my Curved Scroll Bar – it was quite fancy (even for then). I wrote the ActionScript to create the scrollbar to find the design of this website. The paint brushes I created in Adobe Illustrator. The entire site had a sense of soft movement – which captured the Asheville store so perfectly.

Banner design by Gary Crossey

Asheville Website Design Example

Screen Captures of Web Site

As a Website Designer and Developer, working with Flash was fun!

My Native Ireland Photography Samples

Link to the My Native Ireland (Asheville) website photography samples.

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