Sky../ Journey

http://deskmemories.org/iy098v72.htm animated_sky_journey_gary_crossey

Photographs of leaving Ireland.

go to site The photos were later pieced together in Photoshop to create a short string of motion. The idea of jumping on a plane, and heading off. All quite easy to do.

source site animated_gif_sky.gif

But sometimes those plane flights are different. Sometimes, they only go one way. The homeward bound flight when a home is away from home. That is this flight. The flight when I left Ireland. The animated GIF’s capture and repeat forever that moment – the moment I left. Like most days in Ireland, the sky is low and heavy with clouds. The dense darkness engulfs a few of the frames.

Clouds so thick they block the light, leaving you in darkness.

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Animation by Gary Crossey - Plane WIng


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