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Banner Animation

Banner Animation – the website trend for 2019.

straight from the source The GIF format has had a long online history. The GIF animation has far outlasted some the biggest online technologies (Shockwave, Flash). As we move into 2019 the GIF animation takes on the role of engage your end user with easy to load short animations – that work on ALL PLATFORMS. No need for any fancy plugin or browser. GIF delivers on all platforms.

other Asheville Animation - Design by Choice

Keppra 500mg tablets you can find out more Homepage Banner Ad – promoting the importance of design. I created the animation loop frame-by-frame in Photoshop. Setting a 5-second pause on either end of the animation. Keeping a simple design with a solid white background helps to keep the file size small. So that the GIF animation can quickly load on any device.

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