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GRAPHICS: Branding & Marketing

Beach Mountain began as a two location project. Bringing together a trendy South Beach condo with a rural North Carolina farm into one brand was a fun project. Creating the combination of mountain and umbrella graphics seemed appropriate.

UMBRELLA GRAPHIC The umbrella was a smartphone shot in South Beach. I later rendered the image in Adobe Illustrator.
A logo should stand up and be clear. When the document is printed, the product is stocked, or your brand is stitched – that brand ID needs to deliver and connect. Having a strong typeface is essential for a strong brand. If your logo does not work in black and white – redesign the logo (there is a bite out of the apple). Seriously, a logo needs to reach your target market. That logo needs to stand true when it is printed from a cheap home printer, or scanned from any computer by any user, or faxed on the most problematic fax machine.

GRAPHIC POSTER: Two locations bought together with photography and graphic design. The poster includes the new Beach Mountain brand (mountains and umbrella). The poster was the first time that Beach Mountain used the stylish ID initials – which later became an active company insignia.

Logo Design Variations
The Beach Mountain – Asheville logo changes are for stitched onto shirts, made into stickers and tags. While retaining its integrity for over eight generations of copies (we tested 12).

MOUNTAIN GRAPHIC was created by capturing the Beach Mountain mountain range. The mountain graphic later became a strong design element to enhance the logo when used in print and website banners.