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Asheville Clothing Company Logo Design

Asheville Logo Design by Gary Crossey aka IrishGuy

Asheville Business Card Design Inspired by a Needle Business Card design by Gary Crossey aka IrishGuy. Graphic design services were for Asheville Underground Weaver.

Asheville is the home to the small business. Working on the design for the Asheville Business card for Underground Weaver was a fun project. I spent time with the Weaver and watched her work. Bernice worked between different artisan projects – all of which were wildly different from one another. The one thing that caught my eye was the tool that Bernice liked to use. A hook needle.

From the hook needle came the graphic design, branding, logo, and business card design. The needle is the central icon. The needle is also featured in the typeface of the Asheville Business Card. And the services listing run along the arch of the needle.


I have run across the Asheville Underground Weaver logo in the most unexpected places.  From people having the logo on a t-shirt to seeing the label on a piece of clothing to large signs/posters – proudly flying outside festival booths.

Asheville Logo Design by Gary Crossey

Asheville Poster Design

These posters – while simple in design – when printed at a HUGE scale looked so impressive. The motion of the main icon was to capture the movement of the mountains as you travel through Asheville. Depending on your point of view, people often provide directions by the mountain peaks.

Asheville Poster Design by Gary Crossey aka IrishGuy

Band-Aid may not fix Bullet Holes – but Asheville small business the Underground Weaver does provide repairs for bullet holes.

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