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Graphic Design, Layout, and Publishing. IrishGuyGraphic Design and Programming Asheville are pleased to announce the launch of our Spring 2015 eBook series.

The first book in the series is the easy-to-follow “Crust, Sauce, & Cream” – the fun survival cookbook for nutritionally rich ingredients.

Asheville eBook Publication – Cookbook

CRUST, SAUCE, & CREAM will me available on Amazon Spring 2015. Featuring original food photography by Asheville based photographer Gary Crossey.

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Deploying media rich content requires a wealth of tools, knowledge, insight, and experience. The books I have wrote for address how to best use digital media software within an adapting environment.

My focus is always on how to develop and deploy online content seamlessly into complex applications. These books help to address the best practices for deploying online content. With highlights on some of the best tools for building our online environment.

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Web Design Books by Gary Crossey IrishGuy.

Digital Media

  • The difficult digital media problems often have the most basic solutions.


  • While the easiest tasks can often be impossible to complete.

A-B Technical Community College, Asheville NC adopted the "Exploring Multimedia for Designers" book into their Digital Media Program. The book was used as the textbook for DME 140 Audio/Video.

Long gone are the days of launching "Notepad" to write some clean crisp code - web developers have a much larger job to do.
Web Developers and Digital Media Artists have to deliver the content they create with the industry tools they have available. Dreamweaver has the tools needed to built any online environment. The three books that I worked on are an introduction to working with Dreamweaver to build websites.

The objective of the books is to development the future of Digital Media by creating perfect solutions that are adaptable for customizable web site installations, online applications and Online Multimedia Players. Keeping ahead of the Digital Media trends requires an understanding of the tools of the industry.

BOOK: Facebook for Business

Book Design by Gary Crossey

Book Design by Gary Crossey

Facebook for Business Book

Writing the book Facebook for Business was an essential to the success of my class. I first developed the Facebook for Business class as an online class. Offered directly from my website. I later developed the the class into a six hour presentation, which I taught at Asheville–Buncombe Technical Community College. I later moved the Facebook for Business class to Charlotte Street Computers.

Reducing the Facebook for Business class to 3 hours made the class length more practical for business owners. And adding the Facebook for Business book for future use. The students could access the Facebook for Business book for one year after the class.

For many people this was the first time that they were working with a living document. Given how often Facebook is updated and changes, my book would update too. Providing my students with the most current solutions available.

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