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  • Asheville Non-Profit Website Design

    Asheville Non-Profit Website Design

    Asheville Nonprofit Website Design The new CarePartners website is cleaner and lighter. With all the modern features for an active non-profit website included in the new streamlined design. The Best nonprofit website designs need to have more than good looks, they also need to communicate the mission and objectives of the nonprofit, with innovated and creative design. […]



    A clean, functional, user-friendly ecommerce website. Customers to the site can order personalized books – written by the author. The Personalization system was custom built for this website.



    Business Website Design Asheville   Visit Website:

  • Nonprofit Community Website Design Project

    Nonprofit Community Website Design Project

    It was great being able to donate 50 hours of Web Design and Social Media service to the Sandy Mush Community Center. Since the website launch, the traffic trends show that site visitors rely on the site for upcoming events and news. Website Design It was important to get the SMCC right the first time around. And […]

  • WEBSITE DESIGN Vacation Rental

    WEBSITE DESIGN Vacation Rental

    Vacation Rental Website Design User friendly vacation rental website. Keeping the vacation simple with the vacation rental website.  



    URL: Drums & Dragons Fundraiser Who could pass up working with such fun photography? The Drums and Dragons event is something quite special. Bringing people together to race down the river for an awesome cause. The Special Event website design includes: Event information. Event Schedule. Online Team Registration. Team Resources. Sponsorship Opportunities. High-Res Event […]

  • WEBSITE DESIGN Sellers Electric

    WEBSITE DESIGN Sellers Electric

    [intense_image image=”15425″ size=”large1600″ align=”top” alt=”Asheville Web Design” title=”website-design-asheville” shadow=”5″] Asheville Business Website Hero Slide Slider Call to Action – Request Service Form. Portfolio of Projects. Recent projects populate on the homepage. New Employee Online Form. New Contractor Online Form. Google My Business Listing. Google Map Corrections.    

  • WEBSITE DESIGN Asheville Massage

    WEBSITE DESIGN Asheville Massage

    URL: Relax & Rejuvenate Relax & Rejuvenate arrived with an out-of-date WordPress site. The theme was too old to update. And the WordPress installation had long expired (and failed all attempts to upgrade). We also streamlined the Hosting and Domain management. Transferring our clients to a Fast Forward Hosting account is essential to the website performance […]

  • Asheville Web Design Company

    Asheville Web Design Company

    Yes, we can have your Sotheby’s International Realty website design approved . The Premier website includes many realtor tools:  MLS Search. Neighborhood Search. City Search. Zip-code Search. Featured properties. Automatic property listing. News Highlights on the homepage. Sign up for Newsletter.

  • WEBSITE REDESIGN Interior Design

    WEBSITE REDESIGN Interior Design

    [columns] [span6] Asheville Website Redesign URL Greeson & Fast were ready for a website redesign. The theme selection was a basic Hero slideshow with a simple grid system layout. The client liked the user-friendly experience on their previous website design. Accordion Navigation for Content Using an accordion system to display content provides the right look for the website. […]

  • WEB DESIGN Sweet Carolina Labradoodles

    WEB DESIGN Sweet Carolina Labradoodles

    Minimalistic Website Design Website Design – Striking the Right Balance. The best web designers have the talent and experience to create the right balance between graphic design and technology. Website design technologies have come a long way. In the early 1980’s Edward Tufte said that informational design needs to be minimalism to be understood. Last […]

  • WEBSITE DESIGN Asheville Dental Care

    WEBSITE DESIGN Asheville Dental Care

    URL: The logo design was the first of many project collaborations. ILLUSTRATION – Comic Strip Illustration  BLOG – Dental Lasers in Asheville Dentistry BLOG – 5 Reasons to See Your Dentist BLOG – 5 Chances to Win BLOG – Lasers in Dentistry BLOG – How to Improve Your Smile in 2017 BLOG – I Brush […]

  • WEBSITE DESIGN Laguna Aesthetics

    WEBSITE DESIGN Laguna Aesthetics


    [columns] [span6] URL Basic WordPress Installaion. User Feedback Form. [/span6][span6] [/span6][/columns]

  • Asheville Website Designer

    Asheville Website Designer

      Asheville Computer Repair Website URL:



    [intense_row] [intense_column size=”6″ medium_size=”6″ small_size=”12″ extra_small_size=”12″][/intense_column] [intense_column size=”6″ medium_size=”6″ small_size=”12″ extra_small_size=”12″] URL Asheville Non-Profit Website. [/intense_column] [/intense_row]  

  • WEBSITE DESIGN Asheville Salon

    WEBSITE DESIGN Asheville Salon

    Asheville Website Design Website Features Online Booking. Online Gallery. Other Design Projects Asheville Salon Logo Design Asheville Salon Business Card Design Photography.  

  • Asheville Professional Website Design

    Asheville Professional Website Design

    Asheville Interior Design Firm Website [columns] [span6] Working with the Greeson & Fast Interior Design team in Asheville has been an incredible experience. Their design work is exquisite, modern, and forward thinking. Creating their online portfolio was a very natural experience. The website remained active during all stages of the redesign, with a focus on […]

  • Asheville Web Design Solution

    Asheville Web Design Solution

    [columns] [span6] URL Adam mostly needed SEO services. His name was hidden online. With the publication of a Basic WordPress website with key content. The goal was reached. The website continues to rank within the Top 5 for Search Term Adam M Rosen. Adam profile photo populates at #2 for the Adam M Rosen search […]

  • WEBSITE DESIGN Asheville Bed & Breakfast

    WEBSITE DESIGN Asheville Bed & Breakfast

    Asheville Website Design URL Basic WordPress website with Online Booking Agent. Website users are able to check for room availability and secure their room with online booking. Photography & Graphic Design Services Room Photography Room Photography Samples  

  • WEBSITE DESIGN: Mitchell Lonas – Artist

    WEBSITE DESIGN: Mitchell Lonas – Artist Clean, Fresh Website Design The work of Mitchell Lonas, Asheville is outstanding. The website was built under the close direction from the artist. It is was very important to Mitchell that his artwork show well. As a web designer, it is critical for me to understand my client’s aesthetics. Mitchell first request was […]

  • WEBSITE DESIGN: Asheville Small Business

    WEBSITE DESIGN: Asheville Small Business

    WordPress Theme Development Local Asheville business Charlotte Street Computers. Asheville website redesign project.

  • WEBSITE DESIGN National Brand

    WEBSITE DESIGN National Brand

    [columns] [span6] Rexona Crystal Brand Website Design Getting to refine to the Unilever International Management Training Website was an excellent project of coding tricky. The Rexona Crystal Training Website is a stellar example of ActionScript showmanship at it’s finest.  Inspired by Superman, and his Crystal home. The website was not built for the public – […]



    Website Design DJ Asheville Website Design. Creating the brand, motion graphics and one-page website for the DJ iGuy project was a fun coding project. I created the website using advanced HTML 5 and CSS positioning. CSS can move the content around the screen. Unlike other one-page, that can either go up and down or right […]

  • WEBSITE DESIGN: Online Catalog

    WEBSITE DESIGN: Online Catalog

    Asheville Website Design Sample Working with the Chrome Domes brothers was an excellent experience. Both guys were out there trying something new. During which time they worked on some different developments to bring their product to market. Website Target Market The Chrome Domes target market is bike riders. The brother also wanted to keep the website […]

  • WEB DESIGN Portal Website

    WEB DESIGN Portal Website

    Asheville Portal Website Design Clean and precise graphic design solution for Asheville Portal site. Showcasing and connecting the six user resources provided by the Asheville design firm. The icon graphics are Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). The SVG format is naturally a small file size. Small file sizes reduce page loading time.  This website was developed to load […]



    Asheville Web Site Design for Non-Profit The Asheville Hair Project was a fun experience. Creating a fun hip website with Dreamweaver is always fun. The website was a favorite tool for the Asheville production – with many media outlets crediting the internet site as their source for information. The Asheville Hair Project also sold the […]

  • WEBSITE DESIGN: Shopping Cart

    WEBSITE DESIGN: Shopping Cart

    [columns] [span4] Website Design for Asheville Local Business Building a successful online store is an enormous task for any business. Add in the difficulty of maintaining seasonal (one-of-a-kind) inventory. Even by today’s standard, the shopping cart website is user-friendly and engaging. With easy to use navigation. And a color palette that is easy on the eyes […]

  • WEB DESIGN Historical Site

    WEB DESIGN Historical Site

    [columns] [span6] Interactive family tree website. Historical Website opens with the extended family tree. Many of the family members died during the Second World War and no photos were available of them. The website objective was to collect information and pictures of the entire family tree. Each family could also few just their family tree […]

  • WEBSITE DESIGN Asheville Retail Store

    WEBSITE DESIGN Asheville Retail Store

    Asheville Retail Website Design Oh, the days of Flash were a fun time for website design. Sure, connection speed was certain. And, smartphones or tablets were a far off idea. What Flash did deliver to the internet user was motion. Screen Captures of Web Site As a Website Designer and Developer, working with Flash was […]



    Asheville Website Design – TV Station Building a website for your local TV station is a great horror. Working with the URTV group was a fun project. The brand and style of the Asheville TV Station were carefully planned. The launch of the website provided the Asheville members with the ability to book equipment, upload […]

  • WEBSITE DESIGN: Asheville

    WEBSITE DESIGN: Asheville

    [columns] [span6] Create a Small Business Website Asheville Small Business website (before there was Wicked Weed). Was created to include the following functions: Easy to use the drop-down menu. Interactive events calendar. User login – and ability to make revisions. Basic shopping cart. Website Photo Galleries. Embed youtube promotional video. Gary Crossey created all the […]

  • WEBSITE DESIGN Fastfwd Media

    WEBSITE DESIGN Fastfwd Media

    [columns] [span6] Website Design All success sites begin with a mock-up. For Fastfwd, the mock was clean and precise. With content in five central sections – and each chapter assigned a color code. The website visitor could also access website content by click on 1 of 3 menu drawers. Sections – with labels and color […]

  • WEB DESIGN: Flash Navigation

    WEB DESIGN: Flash Navigation

    [columns] [span6] Website Design styles are similar to an old pair of pants. Once, those pants were new. They were the pants wore on special occasions. The pants quickly start to look old and dated. But, a one-point-in-time those were the best pants! GIF Animation of Flash Navigation System. Web Design is slowly returning to […]

  • WEBSITE DESIGN: Animation Site

    WEBSITE DESIGN: Animation Site

    Winning Web Site Design from Asheville A coding pleasure that WON FIRST PRIZE for BEST BUSINESS WEB SITE from WIRED Magazine. The Dagnabit web site was my introduction to Flash, and ActionScript. Before DAGNABIT I had not used Flash. I had no idea at the time that the web site would be considered, let alone […]

  • GRAPHICS Needledust

    GRAPHICS Needledust

    [columns] [span6] Web Site Design The year is 2000 – people were new to the internet and were happy to click around. Standard Screen resolutions were 720 pixels wide. Flash was an incredible option for developing web content. Fast Forward, some years and Flash content, will not play on Apple devices. For that reason – […]

  • WEB DESIGN Early HTML Layout

    WEB DESIGN Early HTML Layout

    [columns] [span6] Early HTML Web Site Design The initial years of web design were exciting design times. As a young designer, I was exploring different methods for deploying online content. Even before Flash – the creative curve was already very high. There were no design rules for website design – web standards were not on […]

  • WEB DESIGN: Early Website Design

    WEB DESIGN: Early Website Design

    [columns] [span6] It is crazy to think now that the internet arrived with limitations. I began building the business website when everyone connected to the internet via dial-up. The early days of the web and web design presented a set of design considerations.  File size and page loading times were a huge dilemma. Bottle-necking was a thing […]

  • WEB DESIGN STC Non-Profit Website

    WEB DESIGN STC Non-Profit Website

      [columns] [span6] Website Navigation Design Drop down menu design and coded by Gary Crossey. [/span6][span6] [/span6][/columns]

  • WEBSITE DESIGN: Visual Propaganda

    WEBSITE DESIGN: Visual Propaganda

    [columns] [span4] Web Site Design for American InterContinental University. Each of the School Departments is color coded. The website is a portal for creative students. [/span4][span8] [/span8][/columns]

  • WEBSITE DESIGN: Photography Abstractions

    WEBSITE DESIGN: Photography Abstractions

    [columns] [span6] Photography created for the Crosseyed Graphics website. Set up in the early days of the internet. I built the site with HTML. Due to slow connection speeds, the background photography was sliced into hundreds of small tiles. The small tiles would reduce bottlenecking the server while creating an interesting loading pattern for the […]



    Artist Website Design A long time ago – I began my website design career with an artist website. It is always fun to work with creative people who have creative ideas. Building Tom Williams website in the early days of website design was a tremendous learning experience. The right side panel has a slow-moving animation […]