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  • PHOTOGRAPHY Boy George

    PHOTOGRAPHY Boy George

      Backstage with Boy George (Heaven – London). Soundcheck Tasty Tim Bash – London Bunny & Boy George performing a David Bowie cover in Heaven nightclub (London). Fantastic photography assignment and night out in London. The event was hosted by Tasty Tim at Heaven Nightclub (London). Boy George performed to a private VIP party. The David […]

  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Headshot

    PHOTOGRAPHY: Headshot

    Photography by Gary Crossey.  The headshot was created for a photographers profile shot.  

  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Punk Portrait

    PHOTOGRAPHY: Punk Portrait

    Punk Portrait Photography Punk Portrait Photography of Tasty Tim. Tasty Tim – Needledust (London) Photography and Graphic Design by Gary Crossey. What a great guy to work with. Tasty Tim made every shot count, and very easy to capture. I shot the photos in some nightclub in London. Boy George was spinning, Tasty Tim was my host – and Mark […]

  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Into the Light

    PHOTOGRAPHY: Into the Light

    While I do love the first portrait of Vivian. The blue of her eyes. The void of makeup. The natural beauty. Into the Light “Gary Crossey came by yesterday for an impromptu photo shoot. I was completely unprepared and yet the pictures turned out gorgeous. Photographer and skills! I can’t wait to see the other […]

  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Headshot Kitty

    PHOTOGRAPHY: Headshot Kitty

    Click on photo to enlarge.  Yes, I know there is a theme developing here. Just to be sure to get the cat headshot out there. This is Timmy – one of five working cats. Timmy earns his keep on our farm located outside Asheville. Be sure to click on the photo to have a closer view […]

  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Dog Portraits

    PHOTOGRAPHY: Dog Portraits

    Writers are told to write what they know. The same is true for photographers. Photograph what you know. They also say, “never work with animals or children”. That said – enjoy my Dog Portrait Page. PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY ASHEVILLE Big Boy is the alpha guardian dog for Soapbox Farm.  Located in the rural farmlands outside Asheville. Big Boy heads a pack […]