Postcard Design & Product Photography

Postcard Design & Product Photography

Hiring a Professional Asheville Photographer

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Product Photography & Direct Mail Sample

I spent “days” photographing this stone collection. Thankfully, as a professional Asheville photographer; I love to work with hard objects. The entire Product line is shiny rocks. Yes, they reflect everything. Some of the spheres can reflect the whole room at once. And, I think I may have said it before, they shine, shine, shine, and reflect.

The client’s product line of rare and collectible stones was not easily subjected. I used every photography studio trick to capture the unusual collection. At which time I was thankful for having spent 100’s of hours in my University Photo Studio ~ practicing for the day I’d need these photographic techniques.

Without my professional experience of studying light and space and their relationship to reflective surfaces, I could not have delivered a full catalog collection to my client. To my delight, the client used all of the photographs I created for the series.

The product photography was quickly and successfully integrated into the company branding, direct mail, signage, business cards, website design, trade show and online promotions.

Visit the Shiny Stone: Product Photography Samples Collection – to review the product photography for the catalogs, event programs, magazines, flyers, websites, online stores, and email marketing.