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I spent “days” photographing this stone collection. Thankfully, as a professional Asheville photographer; I love to work with hard objects. The entire Product line is shiny rocks. Yes, they reflect everything. Some of the spheres can reflect the whole room at once. And, I think I may have said it before, they shine, shine, shine, and reflect.

The client’s product line of rare and collectible stones was not easily subjected. I used every photography studio trick to capture the unusual collection. At which time I was thankful for having spent 100’s of hours in my University Photo Studio ~ practicing for the day I’d need these photographic techniques.

Without my professional experience of studying light and space and their relationship to reflective surfaces, I could not have delivered a full catalog collection to my client. To my delight, the client used all of the photographs I created for the series.

The product photography was quickly and successfully integrated into the company  where to buy Premarin tablets branding, http://herronentertainment.com/2015/04/sirius-xm-with-scott-baker/ direct mail, source site signage, business cards, website design, trade show and online promotions.

Visit the Shiny Stone: Product Photography Samples Collection – to review the product photography for the catalogs, event programs, magazines, flyers, websites, online stores, and email marketing.

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