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Google Analytics: Acquisition > Behavior > Conversion

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The web has grown up – and everyone wants a personal, timely experience

The strategy to understanding your customers journey can be achieved with three reports.

  1. Acquisition Report
  2. Behavior Report
  3. Conversion Report

Acquisition Report

How do your customers find you? The acquisition report provides you with the Search Terms and Keywords that people used to located your website. Do those Search Term Queries and Keywords align with your business service or product line? The report can also provide you with important Google Ad information – are people clicking my ad. Are the ads working to bring new business?

Behavior Report

What are your site users doing on your site? The Behavior Report has so much rich information to provide, that having an objective is often best when entering in the Behavior Report section of Google Analytics.

Conversion Report

Make Payments Online

For Conversion Report to work you first have to establish your goal. For many small business owners setting your online goals can sometimes appear overwhelming. When I ask Business Owners what they want their website to do for them, they almost always response “I want people to find my site!” And I reply, and then what?

The now what answer to the question is the reason why a website will succeed or fail. For a successful website – the user is directed though a user-friendly experience to complete a task.

The math for Conversion reports is rather simple.

  • Less User-friendly = Less Conversions.
  • More User-friendly = More Conversions.

What does User-Friendly mean? A user-friendly experience online is the same as an off-line experience. The experience is made by attention to detail. Unfriendly experiences in retail stores leave customers with long lasting impressions. With more online transactions happening the same customer standards have arrived to the online experience.

Visit the Conversion Reports Help Page for more information.

Google Analytics Insights

Appointment Calendar Events Concept

If the Acquisition, Behavior, and Conversion Reports are a bit to much for you. Then Google Analytics is still here to provide useful user information. With Advanced machine learning Google users can now ask useful targeted questions about their websites overall performance. And, to make it even easier to use, Google have also categorized those questions in Seven sub-sections.

  1. Basic Performance
  2. Where you get your users from
  3. Understanding Trends
  4. Content Analysis
  5. Understanding User Behavior
  6. Geographic Analysis
  7. Technical Performance

Using these basic Google Analytics Insight tools can greatly help you discover more about your customers journey and the user experience on your website.

Acquisition, Behavior, and Conversion
Acquisition > Behavior > Conversion

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