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GRAPHIC: Business Card Design

Business Card Designs

http://blog.annievphoto.com/?p=243 http://nyrotic.com/category/location/architecture/ Oh the days of business cards. These little paper notices that sought your attention. The business card doesn’t play the same role that it used to. Today ranking number 1 for your search term will generate more customers.

Google Ranking impacts the Business Card

Since IrishGuyProductions began to rank number 1 for the search term “ http://natesohiocity.com/wp-login.php?action=register Irish Guy” – we found less of a need for paper business cards. But in keeping true to our brand our Business Card has a clean, precise design. With rich reds and hot pinks that balance with the stark  white. The front of the business card was a high gloss, while the back has a smooth matt contrast.

* Brian Jones worked on some of the business cards featured.


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