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Illustration by Asheville artist Gary Crossey

Digital Illustration Flower Wreath. Illustration work often has a mind of it’s own. At the start there might be some sort of direction to go – but once the pen and ink make a true connection with the page. That’s when the story begins – and the parts of the illustration begin to appear. Just as the illustration can begin suddenly the end of an illustration can end as abruptly. 

For my Floral design I did three different approaches to get the style I was after. 

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For my Floral design I did three approaches to the design that I was seeking.  Illustration by Irishguy Gary Crossey

Just in time for the holiday season – stylish doodle style wreath.

Illustration by Irishguy Gary Crossey

  1. Jacky crossey

    Love the second one floral design really beautiful x

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