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Illustration by Asheville artist Gary Crossey

see this website Digital Illustration Flower Wreath. Illustration work often has a mind of it’s own. At the start there might be some sort of direction to go – but once the pen and ink make a true connection with the page. That’s when the story begins – and the parts of the illustration begin to appear. Just as the illustration can begin suddenly the end of an illustration can end as abruptly. 

cheap lasik eye surgery in mumbai For my Floral design I did three different approaches to get the style I was after. 

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why not check here For my Floral design I did three approaches to the design that I was seeking.  Illustration by Irishguy Gary Crossey

http://eroticblogz.com/blowjob/ Just in time for the holiday season – stylish doodle style wreath.

Illustration by Irishguy Gary Crossey

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  1. Jacky crossey
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    Love the second one floral design really beautiful x

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