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Logo Design Asheville Holistic Dentist

Asheville Holistic Dentist Logo Design

Celebrating Two Years…

Asheville Holistic Dentist logo was launched February 2017 (sorry, I am two-years behind on posting my own design projects)….

Asheville is lucky to have such an enriched resource as Asheville Holistic Dentist. Yes, they are the first Holistic dentist in the area – and they have a different, kinder approach to dentistry.

After working with Asheville Holistic Dentist on their Branding, Logo Design, Illustration, Google My Business Listings, Direct Marketing, Website Design, Content Development, and SEO Services. During the design process, I got to do what I love – learn about a subject I know nothing about. Now, I do understand. Understanding my clients practice is an vital component to my design process.


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