LOGO DESIGN: The first step of Branding

LOGO DESIGN: The first step of Branding

A logo is not a magic wand. A well-managed brand can do much to create a loyal customer base. However, a logo can not take a bad product and make it good.  A logo can not change how a corporation, group, or organization is run.

A logo can represent a good business repetition. A well-designed logo joined with strong customer support and reliable products – creates a strong logo.

The standard practice of having a business logo got momentum in 1862 when Guinness included the symbol of a harp on its bottle. From this moment forward the concept of creating a household brand was adopted.
With every new brand being differentiated by a visual symbol.

LOGO DESIGN Asheville Dental Care


BRANDING Asheville Hair Salon

  • Asheville Salon
  • Asheville Dental Care
  • Asheville Holistic Dentist
  • Underground Weaver
  • URTV
  • Redline
  • Soapbox Farm
  • Unilever – Rexona
  • Chromedome’s
  • Exxotic Boa Clothing
  • Explorerpups.com
  • Hands on Health
  • E-CycleUs
  • Asheville Adobe User Group
  • Irish Guy Productions
  • Beach Mountain
  • Less Impact
  • Dog Day News
  • Sweet Carolina Labradoodle

How to create a memorable Logo?

Memory recall has three trigger points – that connect your brand with your customer base.

  1. Shape.
  2. Color.
  3. Letters.

The importance of Shape for Logo recognition

When it comes to graphic design, the brain can recall shape faster than type. The logo shape needs to be distinctive to stand out and be easily remembered. The shape of the logo may very well be the most important aspect of the logo design.

Strong brands like Apple or Nike often rely on shape recognition. While the color may vary. And the letters may not be present. Strong brands understand that they have built a strong customer awareness to connect with the shape of the logo alone. In 1971 when Nike launched their Nike “swoosh” on sports wear they also launched an entire generation of brand loyal customers.

Questions to ask about the shape of your logo?

  • Does your logo have shape recognition?
  • Does your logo stand-out from other logos?
  • Does the shape look different than other logos?
  • What aspect of the logo is distinctive?

The importance of Color for Logo recognition

While you can not rely on the color of the logo to carry the design. The color of the logo can connect with people on an emotional level. Think of a football team and the loyalty to the team brand color.

The importance of Letters for Logo recognition

While it is important to have practical typesetting for logo design – the type is the third and last method for customers to recall your brand.

The brain has to read and process the written content. Which in many cases may be difficult to do.  Depending on the viewer’s language, vision, movement, etc. There are many variables to why the lettering may be difficult to grasp and retain.

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