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Asheville Trifold Newsletter

Asheville Graphic Design Service
The process of converting large amounts of data into a handy trifold, Is nothing short of tech heaven magic.

Yes there is an art in the graphic design and typesetting to create a monthly newsletter. There is also a mastery for content development and management needed. Along with a solid project workflow.

The project workflow that I created for Charlotte Street Computers greatly reduced the cost and turn around time. Labor time was great reduced. While printing costs were reduced by 85%. Simply by printing the trifold in Black and White, and on an cheaper recycled paper.

The trifold was an important element to the success of the Asheville computer training classes. Students feedback indicated that the trifold was their first go-to for class information.

Irishguy Gary Crossey created trifold for Asheville business Charlotte Street Computers.

Technology Aided Graphic Design

Creating a Google App to extract Google Calendar data to a Spreadsheet was the biggest time saver. The app saved hours of data entry labor - and greatly reduced user error input. Computer Training Classes, and updates were entered directly into Google Calendar.

I then had Google Calendar automatically update all the related material for instructors, support staff, students, graphic design projects, website content, and newsletter content. No more double entering content - or having to email updates to the other team members and students. 

Asheville Graphic Design Samples

Included below are three samples of the monthly trifold newsletter. Each month while the graphic design style remained the same. Fine adjustments to layout and typesetting were made to highlight and organize classes.


The Workflow for Creating a TriFold

  • Google Calendar
    • Enter class time, description, location, cost, class files, enrollment instructions. 
    • Embed Public Google Calendar in website - in agenda format.
      • Provides support staff up-to-date class details. 
      • New classes automatically appears on calendar followers. 
        • All students are shown how to (and encouraged) to follow the Public Google Calendar.  
      • Google Calendar events are searchable and can rank. 
  • Google Spreadsheet 
    • Run Google App to extract 30 days of data from Google Calendar. 
    • Sync Google Calendar with Google Spreadsheet. 
    • Sort / Organize data as you need.
  • Adobe Illustrator  
    • Create graphics for Trifold. 
  • Adobe InDesign
    • Import Google Spreadsheet to InDesign. 
      • During import automatically apply InDesign styles to data. 
    • Place graphics. 
    • Sync Adobe InDesign with Google Spreadsheet. 
      • Typo and copy rewrites are added at the spreadsheet or calendar level. NO EDITS are completed in InDesign. 
    • Typeset Adobe InDesign document. 
    • Export to PDF for printer.