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Nonprofit Community Website Design Project

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Nonprofit website design

It was great being able to donate 50 hours of Web Design and Social Media service to the Sandy Mush Community Center. Since the website launch, the traffic trends show that site visitors rely on the site for upcoming events and news.

Website Design

It was important to get the SMCC right the first time around. And to provide the type of website that was user-friendly for the web visitors and for the backend editors adding content to the website. It was also important to build a site that was durable and difficult to break. Community websites that have the minimum maintenance plan need to have resilience as part of the design. A broken site is useless. The SMCC website has been up and active since 2017 and in 2019 the site has maintained its initial integrity whoo!

Website Hosting

Yes, Irishguy Design Studio handled all the domain and hosting needs for SMCC. Having the correct web hosting package for your website is key to a successful website.

For SMCC we partnered with Fast Forward Hosting (as we always do) for the domain registration and WordPress Hosting.

Nonprofit website design custom page layout

SEO Service for NonProfit

Google loves the Sandy Mush Community Center website optimization. And ranks their pages and new blog posts within 15 minutes. Learn why our client relies on Irishguy Design Services for all of their SEO Services.


Website SEO for non-profit

Social Media Setup

Facebook is a powerful tool for nonprofits - as long as Facebook is set up correctly, and you have access to the business page.

SMCC online presence was across four different Facebook page - none of which they had access to.

Irishguy Design Studio took on the challenge to claim the various Facebook pages.

Once the business listing was claimed I went about merging the different pages until all the pages were consolidated into one active page. The process that I used ensured that all the reviews, followers/friends, and likes maintained throughout the process.

The Facebook Page now has 400+ Likes and 400+ Followers. With an active online community.

URL: sandymushcommunitycenter.org

Facebook Business Listing Service

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