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Photography by Gary Crossey - RED

Red by Gary Crossey


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I am building a theme in the simple to follow naming of this collection of photography. With Checkered Floor, I photographed a public building in the center of Belfast. As a child, I stood outside this building a million times. Embarking on a bus to any direction of Belfast.

As an adult, I entered the building and discover Checkered Floors. After talking with my family and friends – none of them had ever gone inside the building. But, in their mind, they all had an idea of what they expected to see. It was not checkered floors. I then made “Checker” with fragments of different photos – each representing might think of the ground when they know it is just a checkered floor.

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Every Day Art


Photography by Gary Crossey

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Red Curves

Red with patterns – hard for me to resist photographing.

Abstract Photography by Gary Crossey
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