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POSTCARD Design for Asheville Holistic Dentist

Postcards for Marketing

Asheville Postcard Design by IrishGuy Design Studio

Designing a postcard to promote your business, event, or service is still an efficient, easy, and economical way to share your message.Postcards are ideal for marketing a particular service or event. Or to remind your customers of your daily deals and specials.

A postcard can be a powerful tool.

Asheville Holistic Dentist Branding is a clean, minimalist look, with a crisp typeface and fresh, natural color palette. Asheville Holistic Dentist takes their business model very seriously. As local pioneers for Holistic Dental practices, they are setting the standard. Maintaining Holistic practices is placed in everything they do. Preferring environmentally friendly options when available.

Asheville Holistic Dentist did opt for the more expensive recycled paper with a matt finish. Avoiding the more commonly used Gloss finish as the UV coating is not biodegradable.

Work with a printer you trust

Having a reliable printer is always key to a successful print campaign. When design clients opt to do their own printing – the results are seldom stellar. At IrishGuy Design Studio we have established relationships with solvent printers. We understand what each printer has to offer. We also know where and when we can get the best price for our clients.

When we manage your print job, we can guarantee the best result.

We work directly with a selection of printers to determine the best price and quality suitable for the campaign message. We ensure the printer receives the best digital files to achieve the best quality print.

Have a professional proof your print sample

We proof your print samples. The proofing stage is when non-professional tend to fail. Without a trained eye, many discrepancies will get approved. Color correction needs to be managed from the source and communicated to the printer with printing terminology. Anything less will fall short and impede your promotional message.

Final Print Review for Accuracy

Yes, we manage your print promotion right to the last stop. We review your print job for accuracy. We examine the paper quality. Confirm the quantity. Ensure brand color integrity.

IrishGuy Design Studio guarantee your graphic design and print projects. 


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