Google My Business is an essential part of business. Google My Business is a free business listing service provided by Google. Even when you do nothing, Google will include your business listing online.

What does Google My Business Listing include?

  • Business Name.

    Google My Business Asheville Services
    Google Report First Directions Request
  • Business Location.
  • Business Phone Number.
  • Customer Reviews.
  • Directions.
  • Business Description.
  • Products and business photography.
  • Link to your website.
  • Link to your Google+ Business Page.
  • Notice that your business permanently closed.
  • Hours of Business.

All of the above information is available for the public to edit. 

Verify you Goole My Business Listing

Yes, every business has to verify with Google to obtain ownership of the Google My Business listing. Once you verify your business, you can begin to build your online presence with Google My Business.

What to expect from Google My Business?

Every month Google My Business will provide an account summary. The basic report includes:

  • How often your business was seen in searches.
  • How often your business was seen on Google Maps.
  • How many people requested for directions to your business.

Monthly User Reports

Quickly compare Google My Business exposed rates for your Google My Business listing.

The summary reports included are for a small rural non-profit. We recently connected the non-profit to Google My Business. And we got the non-profit listed on Google Maps for the first time.

I review these initial reports with great interest. As they do create a pattern. Due to the location of the non-profit, it is fair enough to assure the person was searching for the location by name (as there is nothing else near the place). Between March and April, we have already established a clear benchmark.

We can also see the same trend for People asking for directions. The directions request is interesting as there is no phone service for miles around the location, so most of these searches are not local. Also, many of the locals are on limited internet access and most report to not using the internet for information about the non-profit.

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Google My Business Monthly Report


Google My Business Monthly Report