Poster Design Barefoot in the Park (IrishGuy Design Studio - Asheville NC)
x Poster Design by Gary Crossey

A poster design needs to serve two purposes.

  1. Convey a message.
  2. Appeal to the aesthetic tastes.

Event Poster Design

Working on the design for a poster for a well-known production is difficult.
As a graphic designer, you want to create a new visual that is different.
While remaining true to the production.

Graphic Design by Gary Crossey IrishGuy Graphics

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Poster Design for Asheville performer.

Create a Focus

  1. What is the message that my client wants to express?
  2. How would my client like to express their message? 

For the Cookie La Rue poster, I was inspired by the Joni Mitchell Blue LP.
The client Cookie was thrilled to recreate the cover art from Blue.
The poster was sold at the event and was printed in the Mountain Xpress paper.
I was super pleased to have my design work included in the Asheville Mountain Xpress article.

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Poster Design Needs to Make an Impact

The Alice – Ballet Poster was reported stolen from storefronts and venues. The poster was the first piece of merchandise to sell at.

The Alice – Ballet Poster began as a strong concept. Working with designer Brian Jones, we created a strong visual concept that had strong aesthetics and focus on the message. The image from the poster design became the visual branding for the event.

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Poster Design for Special Event in Asheville

Design Consistency

Keeping the details consistent in a collectible series is key to the success of the posters.

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Poster Design for graphic design

Large Window Poster Design

PROJECT SCOPE: Create a large poster to cover the windows of the art gallery.

For American Intercontinental University series of posters, I created custom graphics and metal textures that would set their large format posters apart.

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Poster Design by Irishguy Design Studio Asheville

Promotional Poster Mockups

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Poster Design by Asheville IrishGuy Design Studio

Retro Poster Design

When my University invited me to create the posters for our Honors Night – my first thought went to the poster that most impressed me while studying graphic design and typography.

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Asheville Poster Design

Poster Design for Charity

Design Scope for Poster Design

Asheville Adobe User Group - First Monthly Meeting Jan 19th 2011

Poster Design for Asheville Adobe User Group

Graphic Design Scope for Adobe Poster

Asheville Poster Design Small Business


Asheville Poster Design

The poster features many of the most popular buildings from downtown Asheville

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