Frame-By-Frame – IRISHGUY Design Studio
MUSIC VIDEO Hello hello
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My ink illustration turn to pop for motion. Great song by Marc Sound.

ANIMATION Motion Graphics
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Asheville Graphic Designer Gary Crossey created the frame-by-frame animation. Frame-by-frame animation for Art Installation. The closing scene of the WithOut … Read More

ANIMATION Face to Face
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Moving from one scene to the next.

BLOG: Design that Inspires
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Heading toward Belfast via the Lurgan train station. The day was more than extra ordinary – expect for that vase. Hidden … Read More

ANIMATION Frame-by-Frame
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  Frame-by-frame Animation. Using Photoshop to adjust layers and apply layer filters. Each effect is created frame-by-frame.  

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Sky../ Journey Photographs of leaving Ireland. The photos were later pieced together in Photoshop to create a short string of … Read More

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