Infographic: Red Hoops

Infographic - Asheville Businesses

Full View of Red Hoops

I designed the Red Hoop images for a manufacturing awards event. Included on this page are 4 or the 30 images created.

The cropped images express the close relationships that parts of the manufacturing community overlap and rely upon. The Full View of Red Hoops represents that local Asheville manufacturing community. Toward the center of the infographic - the overlapping is dense. The relationships are more engaged. The engagement level reduces as you move to the edges of the infographic.

Infographic for Asheville Award Presentation

RED Hoops series of infographics installation.
EVENT: Asheville Chamber of Commerce Award Presentation.





Graphic Design Poster Design

Asheville Graphic Design studio produced the Creativity Infographic. The graphic design was for Superduper Team Professional Adult Computer Training.

Asheville Graphi Design Infographic Example

Graphic Design Poster Design

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Asheville Graphic Design Example infographic

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Asheville Graphic design Example

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Sampe Asheville graphic design


Graphic design Asheville sample


Infographic Graphic Design