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  • Asheville Non-Profit Website Design

    Asheville Non-Profit Website Design

    Asheville Nonprofit Website Design The new CarePartners website is cleaner and lighter. With all the modern features for an active non-profit website included in the new streamlined design. The Best nonprofit website designs need to have more than good looks, they also need to communicate the mission and objectives of the nonprofit, with innovated and creative design. […]

  • Logo Design Asheville Holistic Dentist

    Logo Design Asheville Holistic Dentist

    Celebrating Two Years… Asheville Holistic Dentist logo was launched February 2017 (sorry, I am two-years behind on posting my own design projects)…. Asheville is lucky to have such an enriched resource as Asheville Holistic Dentist. Yes, they are the first Holistic dentist in the area – and they have a different, kinder approach to dentistry. After […]

  • Product Photography – Barkley’s Mill Cornmeal

    Product Photography – Barkley’s Mill Cornmeal

    See my product photography in action (and order some Organic Cornmeal it is super good). https://www.barkleysmill.com/collections/all-products/products/gourmet-stoned-happy-cornmeal We wish Barkley’s Mill the best success with their new Organic Happy Stone Cornmeal. It is awesome to work with a local business that has such incredible standards to bring the best products to market. Every step of Barkley’s […]

  • Photography Sunrise

    Photography Sunrise

    Sunrise just outside Asheville. One of those amazing moments during the Golden Hour.

  • Animation for Client Reports

    Animation for Client Reports

    GIF animation are the total rage (right now). The short GIF animation will load on any device. These animation loops were created for a digital online document.



    Be sure to click to enlarge this color photo of Pablo (the Rooster).

  • ILLUSTRATION Flower Wreath

    ILLUSTRATION Flower Wreath
  • ILLUSTRATION Shoe Design Pattern

    ILLUSTRATION Shoe Design Pattern

    Digital printing has opened up the opportunity to create small runs of custom design items.The fractal pattern for the shoe design began with a portrait photography of my pet rooster – Pablo. If you look close enough you can to distinguish Pablo’s eye.



    The Circles & Lines design. Putting the Ink and Pen illustration on a 3D shape gives the design a whole new life. Buy My Mug Design Online  

  • PHOTOGRAPHY On Location

    PHOTOGRAPHY On Location

    Greece 2018 the light and water was so impressive that no filters were used.  

  • PHOTOGRAPHY Golden Sunrise

    PHOTOGRAPHY Golden Sunrise

    Golden Sunrise from the Irishguy Design Studio. Downtown Asheville is just before the last mountain range.

  • BOOK COVER DESIGN Balancing Three

    BOOK COVER DESIGN Balancing Three

    Book Cover Design Who doesn’t judge a book by its cover?  Books that have unique graphics, quality fonts with eye-catching colors sell more copies. The Book Cover is the best tool for marketing your book. For many people, the Book Cover Design will be the hook that will evoke their interest. MockUp Book Cover Design […]

  • Banner Animation

    Banner Animation

    Banner Animation – the website trend for 2019. The GIF format has had a long online history. The GIF animation has far outlasted some the biggest online technologies (Shockwave, Flash). As we move into 2019 the GIF animation takes on the role of engage your end user with easy to load short animations – that […]



    A clean, functional, user-friendly ecommerce website. Customers to the site can order personalized books – written by the author. The Personalization system was custom built for this website.



    Business Website Design Asheville   Visit Website: www.cmtcoatings.com

  • Nonprofit Community Website Design Project

    Nonprofit Community Website Design Project

    It was great being able to donate 50 hours of Web Design and Social Media service to the Sandy Mush Community Center. Since the website launch, the traffic trends show that site visitors rely on the site for upcoming events and news. Website Design It was important to get the SMCC right the first time around. And […]

  • Doodles for life

    Doodles for life

    My Life is Captured with Doodles Doodles have been an active aspect of my design work for as long as I recall. I never talk on the phone without creating some detailed doodle. Often the doodle knows more about that phone conversation than I do. Recently, my doodles are about creating patterns. Plants are a […]

  • LETTERHEAD Design for Irishguy Design Studio Asheville

    LETTERHEAD Design for Irishguy Design Studio Asheville

    Letterhead design uses critical graphic design details, to communicate Branding, Contact Information, and Personalization. For the Irishguy Design Studio letterhead, we focused on the following seven-design components. Maximize Logo Play up the Branding Pick an Accent Color Focus on Typography Use Space Well Keep it Simple Pay Attention to the Paper

  • WEBSITE DESIGN Vacation Rental

    WEBSITE DESIGN Vacation Rental

    Vacation Rental Website Design User friendly vacation rental website. Keeping the vacation simple with the https://great-guana-cay-vacation.com vacation rental website.  



    Business Card Design with 10% Discount. Yes, 10% Discount on orders over $30. aboqor10

  • DIRECT MAIL Postcard Invite

    DIRECT MAIL Postcard Invite
  • POSTCARD Design for Asheville Holistic Dentist

    POSTCARD Design for Asheville Holistic Dentist

    Postcards for Marketing Designing a postcard to promote your business, event, or service is still an efficient, easy, and economical way to share your message.Postcards are ideal for marketing a particular service or event. Or to remind your customers of your daily deals and specials. A postcard can be a powerful tool.



    URL: https://www.drumsanddragons.com Drums & Dragons Fundraiser Who could pass up working with such fun photography? The Drums and Dragons event is something quite special. Bringing people together to race down the river for an awesome cause. The Special Event website design includes: Event information. Event Schedule. Online Team Registration. Team Resources. Sponsorship Opportunities. High-Res Event […]

  • GRAPHIC DESIGN Icon Design

    GRAPHIC DESIGN Icon Design

    Tool Icon Design Icon Design by Gary Crossey Icons remain a hot design trend for 2017. The Flat Design is still a reliable option. SVG Icons SVG  (Scale Vector Graphic) Flat Design Tool Icons. The SVG format provides smooth curved edges. Why use Icon for Website Design? Graphic Design is about Visual Communication. When people arrive at your […]

  • Food Styling Photography Book

    Food Styling Photography Book

    [intense_image image=”15583″ alt=”Food Photography” title=”food-photography-sample” shadow=”5″] We offer competitive pricing structures for your restaurant, cookbook, or food blog photography. Everyone is keen to see photos. Photos of food are appreciated by new and returning customers. [intense_row] [intense_column size=”6″ medium_size=”6″ small_size=”12″ extra_small_size=”12″][/intense_column] [intense_column size=”6″ medium_size=”6″ small_size=”12″ extra_small_size=”12″][/intense_column] [/intense_row] [intense_row] [intense_column size=”6″ medium_size=”6″ small_size=”12″ extra_small_size=”12″ nogutter=”1″][/intense_column] [intense_column […]

  • PHOTOGRAPHY Sandy Mush

    PHOTOGRAPHY Sandy Mush

    Peacock Sky Photography The Big Sandy Mush mountains are deep in clouds. With the peacocks drying his features after a morning rain. PHOTOGRAPHER: Gary Crossey LOCATION: Big Sandy Mush, Leicester NC.

  • VIDEO Product Profile

    VIDEO Product Profile

      NEW YouTube Channel Irishguy Design Studio worked with Minuteman Signs to create the first in their collection of product videos. Each video is a short product demo. The YouTube video is embedded in the product description page on their website. In the first five months, the videos are averaging 30 monthly views. Irishguy Design Studio […]

  • WEBSITE DESIGN Sellers Electric

    WEBSITE DESIGN Sellers Electric

    [intense_image image=”15425″ size=”large1600″ align=”top” alt=”Asheville Web Design” title=”website-design-asheville” shadow=”5″] Asheville Business Website Hero Slide Slider Call to Action – Request Service Form. Portfolio of Projects. Recent projects populate on the homepage. New Employee Online Form. New Contractor Online Form. Google My Business Listing. Google Map Corrections.    

  • WEBSITE DESIGN Asheville Massage

    WEBSITE DESIGN Asheville Massage

    URL: Relax & Rejuvenate Relax & Rejuvenate arrived with an out-of-date WordPress site. The theme was too old to update. And the WordPress installation had long expired (and failed all attempts to upgrade). We also streamlined the Hosting and Domain management. Transferring our clients to a Fast Forward Hosting account is essential to the website performance […]

  • PHOTOGRAPHY Rule of Thirds

    PHOTOGRAPHY Rule of Thirds

    52 Week Photo Challenge WEEK ONE ASSIGNMENT Story: Rule of Thirds ASSIGNMENT: The rule of thirds is the first compositional rule most photographers learn, but most don’t know why they learn it. The rule of thirds is fantastic for telling a story. Tell a story using the rule of thirds. PHOTO: The beginning of the year […]

  • PHOTOGRAPHY Cookie Cutter

    PHOTOGRAPHY Cookie Cutter

    I make handmade cookies. And, have quite a collection of candy/cookie making baking tools. Unlike, other kitchen tools, the cookie/candy tools are unique. Each mold or cutter has a story. Or a special event that they play a role.

  • MUSIC VIDEO Hello hello

    MUSIC VIDEO Hello hello

    My ink illustration turn to pop for motion. Great song by Marc Sound.

  • BANNER 5 Reasons

    BANNER 5 Reasons

    BLOG: 5 Reasons to See Your Dentist Every good blog needs a strong graphic. Asheville Dental Care like a crisp, clean typeface. Eating apples are a key element of the blog. At the store, I bought the best-looking apples they had. In the photo studio Once in my photo studio, it is lights, camera, action. The studio […]

  • Comic Strip

    Comic Strip

    Who doesn’t enjoy creating fun comic strip illustrations?  Asheville Dental Care always has fresh ideas, and are interested in connecting with their patients. As their graphic designer and website developer, I get to immerse myself into their website content. And what is so fascinating, my idea of modern dentistry was completely off. Believe it, dentistry has evolved, and […]

  • Asheville Web Design Company

    Asheville Web Design Company

    Yes, we can have your Sotheby’s International Realty website design approved . The Premier website includes many realtor tools:  MLS Search. Neighborhood Search. City Search. Zip-code Search. Featured properties. Automatic property listing. News Highlights on the homepage. Sign up for Newsletter.

  • PHOTOGRAPHY Brussels Sprouts

    PHOTOGRAPHY Brussels Sprouts
  • WEBSITE REDESIGN Interior Design

    WEBSITE REDESIGN Interior Design

    [columns] [span6] Asheville Website Redesign URL greesonandfast.com Greeson & Fast were ready for a website redesign. The theme selection was a basic Hero slideshow with a simple grid system layout. The client liked the user-friendly experience on their previous website design. Accordion Navigation for Content Using an accordion system to display content provides the right look for the website. […]

  • WEB DESIGN Sweet Carolina Labradoodles

    WEB DESIGN Sweet Carolina Labradoodles

    Minimalistic Website Design Website Design – Striking the Right Balance. The best web designers have the talent and experience to create the right balance between graphic design and technology. Website design technologies have come a long way. In the early 1980’s Edward Tufte said that informational design needs to be minimalism to be understood. Last […]

  • FOOD STYLING Asheville Farm

    FOOD STYLING Asheville Farm

    Food-styling photography for Asheville area farms.

  • WEBSITE BANNER Fast Forward Hosting

    WEBSITE BANNER Fast Forward Hosting

    Website Banners are not the most exciting graphic in the world. But, someone has got to make them. Included here is a small collection of the website banners created for Fast Forward Hosting (Asheville NC).    

  • DOODLE ART Connections

    DOODLE ART Connections

    [columns] [span6] Circle & Lines I still don’t understand why my studio went without a scanner for any length of time. I am such a scanner fan. I love how I can capture different stages of a drawing. Often the steps toward the end images can create unusual patterns – that may not be as […]

  • Hand Drawn Illustrations

    Hand Drawn Illustrations

    Doodle Art – Ink Illustrations. I always like drawing with ink. It was until discovering Aubrey Beardsley (1984) that I became a huge enthusiast. (2017) Many of my design inspirations still pull from Beardsley’s influence.The illustrations tend to work best for me when they have a resistance to color. The starkness of the Black and White hand […]



    Ink Hand-drawn illustration. Read – MINDFUL DOODLES Publication

  • DOODLE ART Flower Petals

    DOODLE ART Flower Petals

    Read my MINDFUL DOODLES Publication

  • DOODLE ART Flower

    DOODLE ART Flower

    Read my MINDFUL DOODLES Publication



    Read my MINDFUL DOODLES Publication

  • WEBSITE DESIGN Asheville Dental Care

    WEBSITE DESIGN Asheville Dental Care

    URL: ashevilledentalcare.com The logo design was the first of many project collaborations. ILLUSTRATION – Comic Strip Illustration  BLOG – Dental Lasers in Asheville Dentistry BLOG – 5 Reasons to See Your Dentist BLOG – 5 Chances to Win BLOG – Lasers in Dentistry BLOG – How to Improve Your Smile in 2017 BLOG – I Brush […]

  • DOODLE ART Straight Lines

    DOODLE ART Straight Lines

    Read my MINDFUL DOODLES Publication

  • PHOTOGRAPHY Food Styling

    PHOTOGRAPHY Food Styling

    Seed Cake Food Styling for Photography shot.  

  • DESIGN Business Icons

    DESIGN Business Icons

    3D Icon Designs Icons for an Annual Report. I began by modeling of the icons. Once I had my 3D design together, I created the lighting system with silver and gold lights to heighten the metal texture. I did experiment will rotating the icons – though settled for a front on view with the 3D […]

  • PHOTOGRAPHY Architectural Photography

    PHOTOGRAPHY Architectural Photography

    What an honor to photograph the childhood home of Dorothy Draper. The house is located an hour from New York. And is #72 on the American Architectural Registration. [columns] [span6] [/span6][span6] [/span6][/columns]

  • PHOTOGRAPHY Hand Study

    PHOTOGRAPHY Hand Study

    The photography hand study was created using a scanner. The hand was positioned in the scanner and held still while capturing. During the process, the model had to hold her hand completely still. The process created a visual tension that I was after. I experimented with a similar process using a camera and sheet of […]

  • PHOTOGRAPHY Boy George

    PHOTOGRAPHY Boy George

      Backstage with Boy George (Heaven – London). Soundcheck Tasty Tim Bash – London Bunny & Boy George performing a David Bowie cover in Heaven nightclub (London). Fantastic photography assignment and night out in London. The event was hosted by Tasty Tim at Heaven Nightclub (London). Boy George performed to a private VIP party. The David […]

  • WEBSITE DESIGN Laguna Aesthetics

    WEBSITE DESIGN Laguna Aesthetics
  • DOODLE Phone Call

    DOODLE Phone Call

    Doodle Art inspired by a phone call from a friend. The beginning sketch (below) centers on the brightest, fullest sunflower (you have to imagine your own yellow). What makes doodle art interesting is that often the patterns created take on an element of math. The Phone Call doodle echoes the number 6. The design elements […]

  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Black Walnut Inn

    PHOTOGRAPHY: Black Walnut Inn

    Black Walnut Inn – Asheville NC [columns] [span4] The Black Walnut Inn Bed & Breakfast in downtown Asheville now have my photography on their website. Over the past year, I have worked with Black Walnut Inn to update their photography catalog. The photography includes samples of the Bed & Breakfast Bedroom photography. Dining room photography Photography […]

  • AWARD Animation

    AWARD Animation

    Award Animation created for the WIRED Best Business Website Design award for Dagnabit Animation.

  • GRAPHIC DESIGN Letterhead

    GRAPHIC DESIGN Letterhead

    Asheville Small Business Underground Weaver Graphic Design Project for Poster, Letterhead, and Notebook Cover Design. Using Images of building from downtown Asheville. Letterhead Design

  • SET DESIGN: Rose Garden

    SET DESIGN: Rose Garden

    Theater Set Design for Alice Photography for the scene I began building the scene from photography. Even though I am a whiz with Photography many of photos do not get greatly altered for my projects.  In most cases I shot what I am after – and do simple touch up and adjustments with Photoshop. Tree […]

  • BRANDING: Small Business Package

    BRANDING: Small Business Package

    Asheville Business Card Design Asheville Business Card Design can mean one of two things. A business card that is designed without a brand. The Hands on Health Asheville Branding Project included a range of graphic design services. I worked with the Asheville startup to develop a strong logo design package. Due to the nature of […]

  • PHOTOGRAPHY: July 4th

    PHOTOGRAPHY: July 4th

    July 4th, 2015. Photo of Melissa Rebholz – chef and farm manager for Rural Resources. Picture of Melissa while watching fireworks from the top of a mountain in Tennessee. Then there is this photo that captures the mood of the night. From darkness comes light, and with cheer comes joy.

  • GRAPHIC DESIGN: Yellow Pages Ad

    GRAPHIC DESIGN: Yellow Pages Ad

    The fun part about designing a Yellow Pages Ad is the color. Black and yellow. Sure there is an entire range of yellows that you can use until that yellow become black. Often, yellow pages ad feel more like a school assignment from “Principles of Design” class. The only difference, Principles of Design is the study of […]



    Mock-Up- CD Cover   Photography by Gary Crossey Package Design by Gary Crossey Who Shot the Go-Go Dancer? Sure, some CD cover designs are  easy to do. While other require time to develop. Who Shot The Go-Go Dancer series combined: Well drafted vector graphics. Hand drawn doodles. Analog and digital photography.

  • GRAPHICS HEville Social Network Website

    GRAPHICS HEville Social Network Website

    Promoting Banner Ad Space        

  • DESIGN: Presentation

    DESIGN: Presentation

    Awards Presentation Graphics Asheville Awards Presentation Graphics created by Gary Crossey of IrishGuy Graphic Design. The journey with the Asheville Chamber of Commerce and the MEA began by setting up the Manufactured in Western North Carolina – where creativity and technology meet Innovative Solutions stamp. The graphic combines the Asheville Chamber of Commerce mountain icon with […]

  • Infographic: Red Hoops

    Infographic: Red Hoops

    Full View of Red Hoops I designed the Red Hoop images for a manufacturing awards event. Included on this page are 4 or the 30 images created. The cropped images express the close relationships that parts of the manufacturing community overlap and rely upon. The Full View of Red Hoops represents that local Asheville manufacturing […]



    [columns] [span6] Crowne Plaza Postcards I created a series of directional postcards for Crowne Plaza – Atlanta. The cards for printed and given to customers who were interested in particular Atlanta attractions. The postcards were a welcomed tool for the hotel concierge and the Crowne Plaza customers. Map Making Not everyone can make a map. […]



    VIDEO ANIMATION HEville Launch I used tiny dots to create the graphics for the HEville launch. Each dot represented each member of the HEville network. During the launch party, the animations were protected. With the cycle coming to rest on the male silhouette. The same color palette was carried into the event.   Banner Ads […]

  • GRAPHIC DESIGN: CD Cover Design

    GRAPHIC DESIGN: CD Cover Design

    Pour Myself a Cup of Ambition LINK TO PLAYLIST – FOLLOW the Playlist for future updates. CD Cover Design Tech Choices CD Cover Design created for a CoffeeTime Project. Now, back by popular request. With an updated Spotify playlist of 45 coffee related sounds. The CD cover is Low-Res webcam photography. The artwork images are tiny. I created the checkerboard […]

  • LETTERHEAD: Asheville Retail Store

    LETTERHEAD: Asheville Retail Store

    When you have something to say – why not say it on a custom designed letterhead? Letterhead design created for Asheville Small Business Retail Store.  

  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Social Network

    PHOTOGRAPHY: Social Network

    HEville Social Network was an early start-up. The dots in the shadows made me think of the network membership. The Sun Ray ads were very popular – the remaining photos from this shoot are available at garycrossey.photography/sun-ray-patterns



    CD Cover Design – Brave Hands The most talent Deborah Lutz is always a pleasure. The Brave Hands CD cover began by creating interesting double exposures of hands. I finished the design in Photoshop with a collection of my texture photos (available at garycrossey.photography).  

  • SET DESIGN: Cheshire Cat

    SET DESIGN: Cheshire Cat

    Cheshire Cat There was something about this scene that was so, important to get right. The entire scene runs for near seven minutes during which time the green screen cat interacts with the live dancers. I loved how the cat running across the screen looked – that was super fun to make.   The green […]

  • VIDEO EDITING: Asheville DJ

    VIDEO EDITING: Asheville DJ

    Asheville Motion Graphics My design work began in the nightclubs of Atlanta. Back then I created frame-by-frame animations. Now, I pull in the strong arms of Adobe After Effects to create my motion graphics. Using After Effects to create tempo-synchronized graphics. The background patterns were created in Adobe Illustrator for the website and incorporated into […]

  • DIRECT MAIL: Asheville Direct Mail

    DIRECT MAIL: Asheville Direct Mail
  • ARTWORK: Asheville Building

    ARTWORK: Asheville Building

    Asheville Flatiron Building I am a big fan of the Asheville Flatiron building. The buildings placement in downtown Asheville creates a strong presence. I drew the Asheville Flatiron Building illustration for a retail website. I created the graphic in vector, making the images fully scalable. Graphic posted on the Native Ireland Website, Print Ads, and Publications.

  • POSTER DESIGN: Adobe User Group

    POSTER DESIGN: Adobe User Group

    Poster Design created for the Asheville Adobe User Group. The user group was a creative resource for local graphic designs, photographers, videographers, visual artists, web designers, teachers, and people interested in creating visual arts. The poster features the cables connecting to the back of the head – similar to how the User Group were connecting with […]

  • BRANDING: What Makes a Brand?

    BRANDING: What Makes a Brand?

    Personal preference identifies that people relate to a brand name that they understand. People are attracted to meaningful and memorable brands. What make a Brand? A brand needs to be Memorable, Pronounceable, and Spellable. Memorable. The core of a great company, organization or group is creating a name that people can easily recall. Pronounceable. Most people […]

  • DOODLE ART Peacock 8

    DOODLE ART Peacock 8

    The hand drawn doodles take on a life of their own. The patterns are often as unexpected as the stories that unfold.   Doodle work inspired by our pet Peacocks.

  • DESIGN Three Little Pigs

    DESIGN Three Little Pigs

    WATCH: The Three Little Pigs The opening of Cheap Joes Art Supplies in Asheville has inspired me to get back to basics. My basics consist of two design tools. The power of doodles. The captivation of photography. I created the design work for The Three Little Pigs for a Digital Storytelling Class. Not to waste a good doodle, […]

  • ICON DESIGN Dentist

    ICON DESIGN Dentist

    Atlanta Dentist Icon.

  • Asheville Website Designer

    Asheville Website Designer

      Asheville Computer Repair Website URL: www.oneclickavl.com

  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Headshot

    PHOTOGRAPHY: Headshot

    Photography by Gary Crossey.  The headshot was created for a photographers profile shot.  



    Photo Restoration Services Restoring your historical heirloom photos from water damage, mold damage, and even torn or ripped photos. Have your old family photos restored to their former glory. Here are a few examples of photographs that we restored for an Historical Jewish Website. PHOTO: Mold and tore damage. PHOTO: Heavy mold and marker damage. […]

  • POSTER: Cookie La Rue Love

    POSTER: Cookie La Rue Love

    What is not fun about working with Cookie La Rue. Everyone needs love – Non-profit Poster Design created by Gary Crossey for IrishGuy Graphic Design Asheville.



    Sweet Caroline Labradoodles had so many great photos of their dogs that it was difficult to select one image. So we didn’t. We had the printer create 25 different Business Cards.

  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Magical Light

    Magical Lighting effects from the early morning sun rise. The mountains surrounding Asheville make for gorgeous lighting effects. For more amazing morning sun: view – Snow in Asheville

  • GRAPHIC DESIGN Infographic

    GRAPHIC DESIGN Infographic

    Asheville Graphic Design studio produced the Creativity Infographic. The graphic design was for Superduper Team Professional Adult Computer Training. [columns] [span6] [/span6][span6] [/span6][/columns] [columns] [span6] [/span6][span6] [/span6][/columns] [columns] [span6] [/span6][span6] [/span6][/columns]  

  • PHOTOGRAPHY Apples & Oranges

    PHOTOGRAPHY Apples & Oranges

    Not perfect is a theme in most of my photography. I never select the “best” fruit. To me, there is more interest in the difference. To only shine a light on the best fruit seems to only tell part of the story.  

  • ANIMATION: Set Design

    ANIMATION: Set Design

    ALICE: Hall of Tears scene from the ballet created by Asheville Dance Company Terpsicorps. GARY: It is hard to know where I began when creating Hall of Tears scene. There are layers and layers of video footage, frame-by-frame animation, green screen, and special effects. All of which came together to create this awesome stage design. PLOT: This […]

  • Website Design for Devices

    Website Design for Devices

    [columns] [span6] You can no longer think about website design with considering website design for smartphone users. The adoption rate of people accessing website content via their smartphones is HUGE! Website Design for SmartPhone Users The one thing people like better than their smartphone has something to do on with their smartphone. There is no denying it Smartphone […]

  • BANNER ADS: Advertising

    BANNER ADS: Advertising

    Banner Ads Reach your target market using website banner ads. Yes – someone has to design all those website banner ads. Here is a small collection of website marketing ads that I have created for Asheville Tech Community College, OurVoice, and Heville Social Network. Graphic Design created for Asheville AB Tech Classes Graphic Design created for […]

  • ANIMATION: Without Art

    ANIMATION: Without Art

    Longer Version “How Extraordinary! I thought they would care for nothing but your art” The opening animated text sequence is a line wonderful line from The Picture of Dorian Gray. Oscar Wilde has always inspired me. I was in my early teens when I read The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde (for the first time). […]

  • BRANDING: Ballet

    BRANDING: Ballet

    Branding Asheville Ballet Season Poster Design and Branding:  solely by Brian Jones. Video Project for Asheville Ballet   VIDEO PRODUCTION Video Editing projects are such fun when you have creative footage to work with. For Terpsicorps – Asheville Ballet promotional video there was so much beautiful footage that I could have used. The art of video editing is knowing […]



    BRANDING: Create Signage. RETRO POSTER DESIGN. Posters have a history of connecting people. Unlike other forms of graphic design. Posters have a directness, accessibility, and simplicity. Finding the Graphic Design Focus When I design, I have first to discover a focus. For the Honor Night poster. I wanted the graphic design and typography to communicate […]

  • CD COVER: Graphic Design Sample

    CD COVER: Graphic Design Sample

    CD Cover Design for Asheville Cookie La Rue CD Cover Design. Sure it has been awhile since anyone has requested a CD cover . But, back in the day, CD’s artwork requests were quite popular. At that time, everyone wanted a CD, everyone had a CD, some people even wear CD’s as clothing accessories. While the CD cover never […]

  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Punk Portrait

    PHOTOGRAPHY: Punk Portrait

    Punk Portrait Photography Punk Portrait Photography of Tasty Tim. Tasty Tim – Needledust (London) Photography and Graphic Design by Gary Crossey. What a great guy to work with. Tasty Tim made every shot count, and very easy to capture. I shot the photos in some nightclub in London. Boy George was spinning, Tasty Tim was my host – and Mark […]

  • PHOTOGRAPHY: First Bloom

    PHOTOGRAPHY: First Bloom

      Enjoying the summer with gifted blooms.

  • BUSINESS CARD Asheville Hair Salon

    BUSINESS CARD Asheville Hair Salon

    Asheville Business Card Design Working with the Asheville Salon is always fun. For the Asheville Salon Business Card both Danielle and Greg wanted a business card, they could feel proud about handing out. The graphic design for the Asheville Salon business card design is an accurate reflection of the Asheville Salon branding guidelines.

  • LOGO DESIGN: Web Design

    LOGO DESIGN: Web Design

    3D Logo Design

  • DESIGN: SEO Icon

    DESIGN: SEO Icon

    Icon Design Icon Designs are fun to create. Fun to make and fun to use. There are endless images to enjoy. With countless joyous treatments.  SEO Icons The SEO icons created for the Asheville Web Design firm IrishGuy.info. [columns] [span4] [/span4][span4] [/span4][span4] [/span4][/columns] [columns] [span4] [/span4][span4] [/span4][span4] [/span4][/columns] My Icon Design Process I manage my design […]

  • ICONS Photography Icons

    ICONS Photography Icons

    Icon Design Icons created for a photographer. Four Photography Icon Designs created by Gary Crossey (aka IrishGuy). [columns] [span3] [/span3][span3] [/span3][span3] [/span3][span3] [/span3][/columns]  

  • ANIMATION: Frame-by-Frame

    ANIMATION: Frame-by-Frame

    Sometimes, I get to do more than Graphic Design services in Asheville. The Frame-by-Frame animation was created and showcased in the Royal Palace in Lakenhal, Belgium. Using Adobe Photoshop to create frame-by-frame animations may not be the fastest way to create content. However, the look and feel that I was able to achieve does add the […]

  • ICONS: Asheville Website

    ICONS: Asheville Website

    A series of icons created for the service website page of One Click Fix Computer Repair Asheville. The icons color palette is the same as the company brand colors. [columns] [span4] [/span4][span4] [/span4][span4] [/span4][/columns] [columns] [span4] [/span4][span4] [/span4][span4] [/span4][/columns]          

  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Into the Light

    PHOTOGRAPHY: Into the Light

    While I do love the first portrait of Vivian. The blue of her eyes. The void of makeup. The natural beauty. Into the Light “Gary Crossey came by yesterday for an impromptu photo shoot. I was completely unprepared and yet the pictures turned out gorgeous. Photographer and skills! I can’t wait to see the other […]

  • GRAPHIC Postcard

    GRAPHIC Postcard

    South Beach Condo Postcard Design Most all of my Graphic Design work gets impacted by my photography in some form. However, with this marketing package, the photography takes center stage.  The marketing package for a vacation rental for South Beach condo. Photos posted on VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner). Creating the multi-panel images reduced the cost of publishing […]

  • Motion with a GIF Animation

    Motion with a GIF Animation

    History of the GIF Animation Internet tech is often blamed for moving forward to fast. The changes happen too quickly for people to keep up. Sure, sometimes this may be true. However, there are some techs that flood around for years before taking a hold (Bluetooth). Or, there are other techs that are reinvented, or […]

  • ICONS: Website Graphics

    ICONS: Website Graphics

    By providing a simple icon or infographic, the reader can quickly grasp the content quickly. [columns] [span6] [/span6][span6] [/span6][/columns]

  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Headshot Kitty

    PHOTOGRAPHY: Headshot Kitty

    Click on photo to enlarge.  Yes, I know there is a theme developing here. Just to be sure to get the cat headshot out there. This is Timmy – one of five working cats. Timmy earns his keep on our farm located outside Asheville. Be sure to click on the photo to have a closer view […]

  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Chickens

    PHOTOGRAPHY: Chickens

    Asheville Photography Sample of Hens and Roosters

  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Dog Portraits

    PHOTOGRAPHY: Dog Portraits

    Writers are told to write what they know. The same is true for photographers. Photograph what you know. They also say, “never work with animals or children”. That said – enjoy my Dog Portrait Page. PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY ASHEVILLE Big Boy is the alpha guardian dog for Soapbox Farm.  Located in the rural farmlands outside Asheville. Big Boy heads a pack […]

  • VIDEO: Asheville Video Shorts

    VIDEO: Asheville Video Shorts

    Asheville Video Shorts Asheville Manufacturing Video Shorts created by Gary Crossey for the Asheville Chamber of Commerce. After meeting with the Asheville Chamber of Commerce we created storyboards of the video spots. Interview times were established for the film crew to visit each location. I later edited the video to be presented during the annual […]

  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Asheville Snow

    PHOTOGRAPHY: Asheville Snow

    ASHEVILLE PHOTOGRAPHY SAMPLE In Asheville, the snow experience is never the same.  For 2015, we had a few mild days. This snowfall arrived in the middle of the night. And, was mostly all gone by noon.



    [intense_row] [intense_column size=”6″ medium_size=”6″ small_size=”12″ extra_small_size=”12″][/intense_column] [intense_column size=”6″ medium_size=”6″ small_size=”12″ extra_small_size=”12″] URL mtnhousing.org Asheville Non-Profit Website. [/intense_column] [/intense_row]  

  • WEBSITE DESIGN Asheville Salon

    WEBSITE DESIGN Asheville Salon

    Asheville Website Design Website Features Online Booking. Online Gallery. Other Design Projects Asheville Salon Logo Design Asheville Salon Business Card Design Photography.  

  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Asheville

    PHOTOGRAPHY: Asheville

    Photography in the Asheville snow.



    Asheville Poster Design Graphic Design Services Asheville. Graphic Design Services Asheville. Graphic designers all have different approaches to creating unique posters. For me, designing a new poster is usually done in an easy to follow six-step-process. Establish a graphic design focus. Have the correct information. Be creative. Use Typography. Balance the Design. Print Poster. Establish […]



    Asheville Poster Design Sample As a graphic designer, creating a poster design is always a fun project. For me each poster is a new graphic design journey. Especially, for the The Journey of Creativity series. Some of my most memorable moments as a graphic designer involve the thrill of unwrapping large format print jobs. One […]

  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Product

    PHOTOGRAPHY: Product

    Asheville Product Photography Asheville is such an interesting town. The local Asheville business community represents a wide diversity of product lines. Which often translates into the photography world as having to shot “A ONE OF A KIND”. My rock collection is mostly all one-of-a-mind. Here are a few product photography samples of the brilliant rock […]



    Product Photography Photography by Gary Crossey Working with local Asheville businesses is always a treat. With a wide range of downtown Asheville retail stores. There is a big demand for product photography in Asheville.



    Asheville Product Photography / Website Design Product Photography for Print Marketing and Website Design. A successful website requires content. Without the right content, your website design will fail. For the Jazzy Asheville web design project the right content was elementary. Ladies high-fashion is an exclusive market. The target market is precise. And the customers want […]

  • Technical Illustration Conveyor

    Technical Illustration Conveyor

    Visually communicate information of a technical nature with Technical Illustration. The conveyor series of Technical Illustration commissioned for Handlers Safety Manual. The illustrations are clean and precise vector graphics. The illustrations are resolution independent and can print at any size without losing picture quality.

  • My Technical Illustration

    My Technical Illustration

    Precise drawing.

  • ARTWORK Technical Illustration

    ARTWORK Technical Illustration
  • WEBSITE BANNER: National Ad

    WEBSITE BANNER: National Ad

    PBS – Newshour Website Banner Ad A national banner ad created for PBS The Newshour show. The banner was first created as a Flash banner. For display, the format has been converted to an animated gif (for our Iphone and Ipad users).

  • WEBSITE BANNER: PBS – Newsweek National Ad

    WEBSITE BANNER: PBS – Newsweek National Ad

    PBS – The Newshour Creating content for PBS was awesome. The website banners were firsted designed to be deployed in Flash. The example posted is an animated gif (for our iPhone & iPad users). Some image quality is lost during the Flash to GIF conversion.

  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Locations

    PHOTOGRAPHY: Locations

    Location Photography The blue sky is everywhere. It’s here, in the mountains of Asheville. It is also there in the streets of Dublin, or the national capital. Enjoy my series of “Blue Sky”.

  • ARTWORK: Illustration – Fruit

    ARTWORK: Illustration – Fruit
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Product Shoot

    PHOTOGRAPHY: Product Shoot

    Product Photography Asheville Product Photography for Enter The Earth – Asheville, North Carolina. The clients liked the blue crystal photo so much that they requested for me to make it into a seasonal greeting card for their customers in Asheville. Photography used for Holiday Greeting Card. I photographed the product items in my Asheville photo studio. […]

  • PRODUCTION: Image Production

    PRODUCTION: Image Production

    Asheville Bruick catalog project. Working in the world of creative production involves having a range of job specialisation.

  • ICONS: Circles, Arrows, & Stars

    ICONS: Circles, Arrows, & Stars

    Icon Design – Asheville Graphic Design Samples

  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Eggplant Poster

    PHOTOGRAPHY: Eggplant Poster

    Seasonal Eggplant product photography and poster design for Soapbox Farm, Asheville. My list of branding project for Asheville small businesses keep increasing. For Soapbox, the brand was developed as a strong ink-block logo – followed with a collection of vegetable and livestock photography. With hope to launch their new line of package design this year. […]

  • Asheville Professional Website Design

    Asheville Professional Website Design

    Asheville Interior Design Firm Website [columns] [span6] Working with the Greeson & Fast Interior Design team in Asheville has been an incredible experience. Their design work is exquisite, modern, and forward thinking. Creating their online portfolio was a very natural experience. The website remained active during all stages of the redesign, with a focus on […]

  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Patterns

    PHOTOGRAPHY: Patterns
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Food Styling

    PHOTOGRAPHY: Food Styling

    Support your farmers Leicester Farmers market (Asheville) is a small local market. I got their first website up and active – and provided the website with a series of photos. I am glad, that all these years later – many of my photos are still included on the Leicester Farmers Market website. For these photos […]

  • FOOD STYLING: Photography

    FOOD STYLING: Photography

    Summer Trimming Photography from a new cookbook.

  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Red Pepper

    PHOTOGRAPHY: Red Pepper

    Red Pepper The contrast between the pepper and the wood surface – really makes this photo pop. Used: in sectional insect for soon to published cookbook.

  • ARTWORK: Tree of Life

    ARTWORK: Tree of Life

    Early days of digital art. Tree of Life – Digital Art: Created by Gary Crossey – 1998. © 1998. Tree of Life was created in Adobe Photoshop 5. I pulled from my experience of painting and working in the darkroom. By creating the entire art piece with just three Photoshop tools. Paint Brush, Dodge, and […]

  • GRAPHICS: Newspaper Cover

    GRAPHICS: Newspaper Cover

    Ten Years On – Asheville Graphic Design Sample Everyone in Asheville loves the Mountain Xpress newspaper. Creating the cover of the Asheville Mountain Xpress was a great honor. The graphic design came from the Asheville production of Alice. The Mountain Xpress is a huge supporter of the local arts and the Asheville community. They featured my […]

  • GRAPHICS: Maps For Websites

    GRAPHICS: Maps For Websites

    Drawing Maps In design school it never even crossed my mind that I would create maps. Years later, I have created so many maps that I figured a maps post would be fun.  

  • GRAPHIC Poster Design

    GRAPHIC Poster Design

    POSTER DESIGN Barefoot in the Park There is always something special about creating a poster. First off, I like when 1000’s of them arrive and are eager to be hung. However, working on a poster for a well known production can be difficult. As you want to create something new, or at least a little […]

  • VIDEO: No Brakes

    VIDEO: No Brakes

    Billie Ray Martin – No Brakes on my Rollerskates If you have ever heard DJ iGuy spinning, then you mostly likely heard “No Brakes on my Rollerskates” during the set. The Futon Bann Remix has filled many a dancefloor and has become one of DJ iGuy’s most requested song. No Brakes on my Rollerskates is available […]

  • PHOTOGRAPHY – Corn Smut

    PHOTOGRAPHY – Corn Smut

    Corn Smut Sometimes, photography can be all more about luck. Corn smut may not look good – it does taste wonderful. Corn Smut is often sold at four times the price of corn.

  • ICONS: Long Shadow

    ICONS: Long Shadow

    [columns] [span4] Long Drop Shadows The 2014 online graphic design trend is the Long Shadow Graphic is a fun look. Ideal for interface design (smartphone, iPad). Here are a few examples of the icons created for a larger graphic design project. [/span4][span4] [/span4][span4] [/span4][/columns] [columns] [span4] [/span4][span4] [/span4][span4] [/span4][/columns]

  • VIDEO EDITING: Dolly 9 to 5

    VIDEO EDITING: Dolly 9 to 5

    The Dolly Parton 9 to 5 video was super fun to make. First off, this is an awesome remix, that always gets a great crowd response. For the video footage, I pulled interview and live footage from the 9to5 Academy Award performance. With the layered dance moves of John Travolta (Urban Cowboy). And then a little […]

  • Asheville Web Design Solution

    Asheville Web Design Solution

    [columns] [span6] URL adammrosen.com Adam mostly needed SEO services. His name was hidden online. With the publication of a Basic WordPress website with key content. The goal was reached. The website continues to rank within the Top 5 for Search Term Adam M Rosen. Adam profile photo populates at #2 for the Adam M Rosen search […]

  • PRODUCTION: Image Editing

    PRODUCTION: Image Editing

    Photoshop Production Work Working with Brunk Auctions is a pleasure. Brunk Auctions publish a monthly catalog – with 100’s of items. My role is simple – I remove photo backgrounds. And, I get to dig deep into the Adobe Photoshop Masking Toolkit. Photoshop Production Work Masking tools respond best to a strong edges. Not all […]

  • PUBLICATION: Aid Atlanta

    PUBLICATION: Aid Atlanta

    Tri-fold Publication Tri-folds are an effective newsletter method. Creating the trifold for the Atlanta Aid Non-Profit included a registration form and dotted line to cut. Working within the printer guidelines, I created an easy to print tri-fold. On the front fold, the reader is provided an overview. With more information provided as the user opens the […]

  • ANIMATION Playing Card Effect

    ANIMATION Playing Card Effect

    Animation Samples The playing card animation was commissioned by Tersicorps Theatre of Dance – Asheville. Alice in Wonderland – Chapter Eight – The Queen Croquet Ground.  What an exciting part of the Alice and Wonderland story. Alice has arrived to the Rose Garden and is now face-to-face with the mighty Queen. The stage is bathe with my […]

  • DIRECT MAIL: Trifold

    DIRECT MAIL: Trifold

    Asheville Trifold Newsletter Asheville Graphic Design Service The process of converting large amounts of data into a handy trifold, Is nothing short of tech heaven magic. Yes there is an art in the graphic design and typesetting to create a monthly newsletter. There is also a mastery for content development and management needed. Along with […]

  • Technical Illustration

    Technical Illustration

    Asheville Design Catalog illustrations.

  • Technical Illustration Artwork

    Technical Illustration Artwork

    Asheville Design Samples

  • Food Styling & Photography

    Food Styling & Photography

    Food Photography for Online Food Blog



    National Ads Created in Asheville Made In Honduras published in the New York Times and The Washington Post. If you don believe in online marketing, you might want to track how many clicks these banners got – it was huge! Using Adobe Flash, I created the Motion Graphics from still photography. Due to the size […]

  • WEBSITE DESIGN: Mitchell Lonas – Artist

    WEBSITE DESIGN: Mitchell Lonas – Artist

      URL:mitchelllonas.com. Clean, Fresh Website Design The work of Mitchell Lonas, Asheville is outstanding. The website was built under the close direction from the artist. It is was very important to Mitchell that his artwork show well. As a web designer, it is critical for me to understand my client’s aesthetics. Mitchell first request was […]

  • WEBSITE BANNER: National Web Site

    WEBSITE BANNER: National Web Site

    National Web Site Banner Ads Created in Asheville

  • GRAPHIC: Digital Lines

    GRAPHIC: Digital Lines

    IPad Artwork Creating artwork on the iPad feels good. After 15 years of becoming a master of drawing with a mouse, I find myself back at the beginning. Drawing was my first desire. Working within this 10 x 10 grid system – the outer blocks begin with nine strokes within each block, reducing down to […]

  • LETTERHEAD Redline

    LETTERHEAD Redline

    Modern Letterhead Design REDLINE Branding is modern, straightforward, and clean. The client wanted a letterhead that could serve many functions (Letter, Invoices, Estimates, Quotes, and Speical Occasions.

  • LOGO DESIGN Startup

    LOGO DESIGN Startup

    Creating a strong visual brand is important for a successful business.

  • WEBSITE BANNER: National Banner Ad – Call Center

    WEBSITE BANNER: National Banner Ad – Call Center

    National Web Site Banner Ad Created in Asheville   National Web Site Banner Published on New York Times and The Washington Post Web Sites. Storyboard National Web Site Ads for Call Center