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Interactive family tree website.

Historical Website opens with the extended family tree. Many of the family members died during the Second World War and no photos were available of them. The website objective was to collect information and pictures of the entire family tree.

Each family could also few just their family tree – with each icon active to launch the personal profile of each family member.

Each family member was given their page. That viewers could add information, photos, and at times the person name (which had been lost over time).


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Profile with Photo

As photography became available – it was first historical restored and published to the website.

Full Profile with Gallery

As information and photos for each person increased, a simple gallery was added to handle extra photography.

User Feedback

The success of the website was a joint effort. Where information was missing – the user was added to help by uploading photos or sharing family stories.

The Importance of achieving Family History

Working on the Peker Family website was a great honor. Capturing those untold and forgotten stories and restoring an extensive collection of damaged photos back to their original glory.





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