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WEB DESIGN Portal Website

Asheville Portal Website Design

Clean and precise graphic design solution for Asheville Portal site. Showcasing and connecting the six user resources provided by the Asheville design firm. The icon graphics are Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). The SVG format is naturally a small file size. Small file sizes reduce page loading time.  This website was developed to load in under a second – on any device.

Website Design Sample Asheville Portal Site


The color palette for the icon design came from the Pantone Spring 2016 Collection. The 2016 Pantone collection is colorful and sunny. With an expression of calm and playfulness. A bright, bold color range that was a fun platform for graphic design.

Color Palette

  • Buttercup
  • Green Flash
  • Rose Quartz
  • Limpet Shell
  • Iced Coffee
  • Serenity
The Black and White Icon Designs work well against the bright background. The continuity of Black & White Icon on a bright background was a standard graphic design rule for this graphic design project.

Website Extras

Do Email Newsletters Work?

ICON Design for Asheville website Reaching people by email is STILL an effective way to connect. When people come to your site and signup for updates, they are interested. Your end-user, customer, client, or whoever it may be. Are already involved.

As with all well-executed web design. Website features and functions have to streamline for the user. What processes that happen on the server are a different story.

The Newsletter Sign up form is a good example of custom coding. The goal for the Newsletter form is to collect enrollments. The subscription on the portal site secured enrollment in the six separate businesses. Providing the end user with email updates from all six feeds.

While in theory, the one enrollment fits all created a duplication problem. Many of the graphic design customers had already signed up for IRISHGUY Design Studio email updates. And, the web design clients enrolled for updates from the Web Design website.

We wrote the code to ID, Sort, and Remove duplicate signups. Avoiding our dear customers from having to suffer up to seven copies of our email updates.

Design for the End-User

The user experience has to the UI / Graphic Designers first concern. If the online service is confusing or difficult – it’s wrong.

The extra time and money spent connecting the newsletter sign up have significantly improved the success of the newsletters.


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