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Asheville Professional Website Design

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Asheville Interior Design Firm Website

Working with the Greeson & Fast Interior Design team in Asheville has been an incredible experience. Their design work is exquisite, modern, and forward thinking. Creating their online portfolio was a very natural experience. The website remained active during all stages of the redesign, with a focus on SEO and improved usability.

Greeson & Fast have a clear and efficient communication chain – and have always had a definite vision of what they wanted from their website.

“The website has got to be user-friendly, secure, and easy to navigate.”

WEBSITE: www.greesonandfast.com.

Visit the Greeson & Fast Interior Design firms website. www.greesonandfast.com

Greeson & Fast Website

As a web designer, there is nothing better than having good content. Greeson & Fast Interior Design firm are based in downtown Asheville – while their design projects range the entire east coast and mountain ranges. I loved working with their photography – the level of design that both Jean and Richard bring to each room is incredible. No two rooms are alike.

Greeson & Fast design raised the bar for me to showcase the Greeson & Fast design portfolio to the best of my ability.

I knew that simply showcasing Greeson & Fast Interior design work would make a successful website. A site with active content does not need “bells & whistles.” This site was about clean, consistent code and layout. As a web designer (with a degree in photography) it was important that the Greeson and Fast Interior engaged the viewer as one collection.

In the past, web developers have used the thumbnail approach to displaying large collections of images. Which visually may appear to give the page a cleaner and organized look (which it does). The thumbnail method IS NOT USER-FRIENDLY. Honestly, who wants to click over 400 thumbnails on to see your portfolio?

I suggested that we create the full page layout. “Let the images be vast and engaging.” Reduce (if not remove) the thumbnails. And, most importantly, make the entire website responsive – so that all laptop, smartphone, and tablet users can all access and engage with the site equally.


Some of the gallery pages feature 60+ photos – these EXTRA LONG pages work equally well on computer screens, smartphones, and tablets – personally, I love how the images to stack and interact on my smartphone.

Over the years the Greeson & Fast photo collection has come from many sources – including photos from esteemed magazine layouts to those captured via a smartphone. While each format has its merit, it was important to me that the online photo collection maintains a consistent quality. With almost 400 pictures in the collection, it was essential that every photo is reviewed for color balance, exposure, vibrancy, key-stoning, resolution, and dimensional size to ensure a consistent, accurate representation.

Jean compiled the entire photo collection arrangement. With each photo telling the story as your eye travels from one room to another. Jean Greeson did an excellent job in creating the groundwork for building the new galleries. The precise order that Jean provided was the essential guidance that I used to create the photo galleries. Regardless of what limitations some of the older photo samples had – I still had to work and represent that image to the best quality possible. With a few expectations, I did maintain at least 99% of the originally suggested photo order.

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