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Logo Design

Web Site Design for .
Each of the School Departments is color coded.

The website is a portal for creative students.


Web Design - University Website


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Planning Website Structure

Long before the design, many hours were planning the site structure. The University website objective was to serve the Faulty with an access point to the student body. And secondly, for the students as an online portfolio.

Web Design Prototypes

Every good website design has a few prototypes. Often prototypes can be developed to address one design issue while overlooking basic user functions. Design requires the asking of questions. Robust design requires testing and experimenting. During the design process, more design suggestions get rejected than accepted. Even with a rejected design layout – often a programming asset featured in a rejected layout plan will migrate to the final design solution.


Website Design - AIU Portfolio

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website Structure Plan




HTML Website Design

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Website plan for modern school web site


Website Design Plan

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Website Layout Prototypes

Animation by Gary CrosseyMany of the early design focused on how to bring people together. The visual elements have a central core. A visual appeal toward the global community that the Unversity body represented.

Framework Website

Primary structure template created for Featured Artist website section.


Navigation System

Website Navigation ctreated by Gary Crossey IrishguyAnimation by Gary CrosseyBuilding a navigation system takes time, experience, and testing. End users do not always act as you may expect. Developing the AI Unversity website, it was important that the navigation system is user-friendly and engaging.Many of the navigation systems designed for the site are quite experimental. The website design requires that the user engages with the visual content to get a reaction or payoff.


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Website Wire Frame by IrishGuy Gary Crossey Asheville


Index Page

animation by Gary CrosseyAs web designers, we had so much creative freedom with Flash. On the website, each square housed content related animation. The users had to engage with the square panel to discover content. Three of the animation effects that under the buttons (Flash sorry no longer supported by Apple).


Home Page website design