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What is WordPress?

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Irish Guy Productions have spent the past year reviewing and working with a variety of different Content Management System (CMS) – many of you have seen the active results right here on our website – with quite a mixture of good and bad results.

We have finally rested upon WordPress as our web tool. Compared to other similar online applications WordPress has an array of plug-ins, themes and customization capabilities that makes working with WordPress effective… but certainly not without its own challenges and innate problems.

wordpress_iconOut of the box, WordPress is a basic blog website. Adapting WordPress to function as a CMS is a completely different situation.

Irish Guy Productions utilize WordPress as the sturdy foundation to build a powerful online application driven website that can easily integrate into the most popular social network websites, be completely optimized for high-performance SEO ranking, create automatic back-ups, authorize membership levels and responsibilities, conduct newsletter campaigns and subscription statistics, track online visitors, and yes also accessible for real-time updates with users access available from any computer or hand-held device that has an Internet connection – without additional software or expense.

Published: April 2 2009

  1. Danise Hauser
    | Reply

    Hi Gary.

    I’ve taken several classes from you at Charlotte Street Computers (Google Docs, Facebook, Adobe), and as you know from my reviews and class participation, I’ve loved them.


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